No Pain, No Gain

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No, We're Never Gonna Survive, Unless We Get a Little Lazy

Back at Maraamu, Sean croons about falling in love while floating on his back in the water wearing a life vest. When did they get life vests, anyway? The other members of the tribe chop coconuts while Sean floats and sings. Vecepia tells us that after working on the raft for a while, they decided to take a break, while Sean half-sings/half-talks in the background, kind of like Barry White, except not. Hunter tells us in a confessional that he feels like he's camping "with a bunch of kids" who don't know what they've gotten themselves into. Rob picks up a piece of coconut, rubs it on his lips, and mumbles something about "a bunch of champions." Now Sarah sits on his lap, and the camera zooms in on her cleavage, while Vecepia reads the Bible. Hunter says that if he could pick a bunch of people to camp with, he wouldn't pick his tribemates, because they think Survivor is a vacation. As we all know, he later calls them "knuckleheads," but this would have been the ideal place for a "bozo" or two. Sarah and Rob nuzzle with their heads together. Rob just wants to wash his hair and take a bath, and Sarah agrees. Hunter continues in his confessional that the constant complaints about lack of food, and about things being wet and dirty, drive him nuts. He says he doesn't say anything to the others, but wonders what they expected of the situation. He then points out that they're not in a Ritz-Carlton or a five-star hotel.

Sean says in a confessional that the others felt excited after eating last week's fararu because of the protein, but he wasn't excited at all. He says, "I'd rather eat a bowl of my own doo-doo than that stuff again." I think we need a doo-doo eating challenge just for Sean. We see Rob taunt Sean with grapefruit and encourage him to eat it: "It's not every night we get to have grapefruit!" Hunter is more and more annoyed in his confessional as he explains that complaining makes the situation more miserable, and that the others need to learn to "just suck it up and deal with it." The tribe members finish up their break, and the raft-making resumes. Hunter gives a series of instructions to the others about retrieving supplies during the challenge -- where to put them and how best to get them aboard. Gina tells us that she doesn't think the tribe's morale could survive losing another challenge. She says, "The reward challenge -- whatever it is, we need it." The tribe members pick up their oars and head off to the challenge. Their oars clearly fall under the "barest of essentials" category.

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