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Sash Goes Both Ways

Probst calls go, and the first round begins. Chase, Jud, and Ben get through the mud first, but all three miss on their first throw. Chase makes his second, and then Jane appears and lands her first toss to make it into the next round with him. Ben makes his second throw, while Jud misses his, giving Holly a chance to land her first toss and advance. Yeah, Holly! CHALLENGE MONSTER! Also Jane. Alas, the second round is not kind to the shorter women, it seems, as they have trouble maneuver the stick to get the key off the coil overhead. Chase and Ben have their keys off and sandbags on the barrels before Jane and Holly even get their keys off the coil. With that, it's time for the final round. Too bad there's no Jill and Holly in it too dominate this time. Instead, we have Chase, who has his rings uncovered and on the peg board before Ben even finishes digging.

Probst proclaims a still mud-caked Chase the winner, and he asks Probst if he wants to hug him. "No," Probst says, although he had to think about it first. He tells Chase he gets to bring two people with him on the reward. Sash grins. Chase's first pick is, of course, Holly. I guess giving up that movie reward wasn't such a bad idea after all. This reward is much better. And for the second person, as Sash smiles expectantly and Ben basically stands there begging like he has any shot at this, Chase picks ... Jane. What!? Oh, Chase. Sash is not a happy camper. Probst sends him back to camp with the entire other alliance, and Sash interviews that Chase's decision to take Jane over him was pretty freaking stupid. Yes, it was. But I think Chase just couldn't resist being a Southern gentleman and feeding his women. Chivalry > strategy for Chase. He'd make for a great boyfriend, but a lousy Survivor ally.

Four muddy losers return to camp and immediately set about plotting. Jud happily says Chase picked "the two least strategic people" to go with him on his reward. Sash waits until he's in an interview to say that Chase's decision was "one of the dumbest moves in the game so far" because it leaves swing vote Sash back at camp with the other alliance. He talks to the guys and says he realizes that he's the fourth man in either alliance and that they should spend today thinking about how to get rid of Chase, Holly, and Jane. Ben, Dan, and Jud think this sounds like a fine plan. But Sash isn't done, as he says that only three people will make it to the Final Tribal Council and, obviously, he wants to be one of them. And there's no way in hell he's winning the immunity challenge to get there, either. Dan cuts to the chase, asking Sash if he's trying to say that he'll side with the other alliance. Sash stammers that he just wants to know their "game plan." Dan claims that they change their game plan every day. Ha! That's cute that Dan thinks they have a game plan. They obviously don't, since they're being pretty clear that they don't want anything to do with Sash and don't like the questions he's asking. Well, there goes their golden opportunity to get Sash in their alliance. Dan says that they tried to get Sash back in with their alliance and he talked a good game, but no one trusts him. Dan seems especially annoyed with Sash for turning on Marty. So while Dan doesn't trust Sash, he does know math and that if Sash sides with Chase and the women, their alliance is screwed. So he has to trust him. He just doesn't, apparently, have to make any effort to win him over.

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