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Sash Goes Both Ways

While Sash swims, Jud talks to Ben about him and says they have to make Sash think that their alliance is his only option. "He knows what's good for him," Ben says. He interviews that there's no way Sash would want to go to the Final Three with Jane, so the only smart decision he can make is to stick with Ben's alliance. Well, yeah, unless Chase and Holly aren't going to take Jane to the end with them or can make a convincing argument to Sash that they won't. With that, Ben kills Kelly-Nay the chicken for dinner. Getting more screentime than usual, which is suspiciously similar to what happens to contestants in the same episode they're voted out of, Ben interviews that he can't fully trust that Sash will stick with him, Jud, and Dan because he thinks Sash is closer to Chase, Holly, and Jane and "he's been shifty this whole game." But didn't he just say that Sash's only smart choice would be to side with Ben's alliance? Anyway, I have no idea what or if Ben is thinking.

The next day, Jane sobs over what's left of Kelly-Nay the chicken. "They didn't have to eat her," she says. Wait, WHAT? Wasn't she the one saying just last week that she was all about killing a chicken for food when someone other than her won a reward? She says there's enough rice here to not have to kill a chicken, like rice and chicken are the same thing and provide the same nutrients and nourishment. "I did love that chicken," Jane sighs, leaving Kelly-Nay's grave marked with a small cross and a heart made out of seashells. Whoa, Jane. You are quickly veering into Shambo territory with this. Meanwhile, the shells she used to make the heart used to belong to hermit crabs that she ate and no one is crying for them or making them little memorials. Anyway, with that, Kelly-Nay just got more screentime and importance to this game than the actual Kelly and was infinitely more pleasant to watch than the real NaOnka. While the four guys are off doing who knows what, Holly talks to Chase and Jane about their situation. She says she doesn't trust Sash and they have to realize that he was with the other alliance all day and all night and he's with them right now, too. Chase says they have to make Sash think they trust him and that he and Holly will take him to the Final Three and not Jane. Wow, that's ... some really good thinking from Chase. Did Brenda give him that idea before she left?

The men return. Sash greets Holly and Jane with a "look at these fresh-looking ladies!" a hug, and a smile. Why, it's almost like he's not fuming over them getting to go on the reward and not him. Actually, he really wasn't that angry. He thought it was stupid from a game-playing standpoint, but didn't seem to get very bent out of shape and offended on a personal level. It would be nice to see some emotion from Sash before this season is over. Ben interviews that he's nervous about his own position in the game because he's such a big physical threat. Ben seems to have forgotten that he's lost immunity to Jane. Twice. Okay, that first time he actually lost to Jud, but Jane outlasted him, too. So it still counts. He asks Chase if the women brought his name up about going home next, and Chase says they didn't. Ben asks if Chase is totally committed to sticking with the women, and Chase says he isn't because he'd never win against Jane. He says he'd even vote her out tonight if they got the chance, and Ben is all for that, saying he wants to play this game with Chase and will vote for anyone "as long as it's not me." Yes, Ben, that physical threat, is going to use the Sandra Strategy. He says he'll even vote Jud out if that's what Chase wants. Chase doesn't believe Ben for a second, and claims he hasn't been able to trust him this whole game. Um, except for that Tribal Council when he said he trusted Brenda and Ben the most.

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