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Sash Goes Both Ways

And then it's time for Chase to do his damage control. "I'm really sorry I didn't take you yesterday, man," he tells Sash, who says he understands why Chase picked Holly, but was "a little nervous" when he picked Jane. Chase doesn't really explain why he picked her and not Sash, just says he "very much regretted" not taking him. Sash says the guys did try to talk to him, but he knows he gave Chase his word. Yeah, and Chase gave Sash his word that he'd take him on a reward. Sash just says he wants to make sure that Chase isn't going to bring Jane to the Final Three. Chase says no way, and he's "absolutely" trying to go to the end with Sash and Holly. Sash asks him to swear to that on his mother and, of course, his dead dad, referring to him as Chase's "wonderful father" in such a sleazy manner. Chase immediately says he won't swear on his dad about anything. Sash quickly pulls that back and asks Chase if he'll bring him to the Final Three or Two. Chase says yes, and then Holly runs up to ruin everyone's good time.

She asks what's up, and we get a recap of the story so far and an added bonus of Chase telling them that Ben claimed he wants to vote Jud out next. Sash says there's no way that's true. Chase agrees, and says he wants Ben to go next. Sash nods, but Holly apparently said before that she's not sure if Ben or Jud is more of an immunity threat. Ah, this is why it's good for Jud that he appeared to be holding back in some of those immunity challenges while Ben screamed and tried his damnedest to win every single one. It may save him from being voted out tonight. Ben tells his alliance that Sash is talking to Chase and Holly right now. So now they think Sash is back in with them and they're screwed again. Ben says he's hoping that his really good relationship with Chase and Holly that Chase and Holly don't seem to be aware of will save him and maybe even get him a new alliance. Yes, because everyone wants to team up with the physical threat.

So, while Jud and Dan nap and don't care about this game or winning it, Ben walks over to Chase, Holly, and Sash. Holly says they want to vote Jud out, as per Ben and Chase's earlier conversation. Ben says he's fine with that -- he just wants to stay in the game and make it through one more Tribal. Sash says he'll vote Jud out since he has to go at some point. Ben says they just have to make sure Jud doesn't win immunity. If he does, though, Ben would like to suggest Jane as the next person to go. Chase, Sash, and Holly claim to be on board with this.

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