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Sash Goes Both Ways

Chase and Sash call Dan over and propose voting Jud out tonight. They all claim they agree with this. Sash says that he and Chase are stringing Dan, Jud, and Ben along to think someone else is being voted out so they have no idea what's going on until Sash decides to clue them in. Or not. Dan asks Chase who to tell Jud to vote for. Chase says Jane, but Ben doesn't think Jud will believe them and that Holly would be a better choice. Sash and Chase are like, "yeah. Whatever," and Ben says he feels bad about having to lie to and betray Jud but as long as he's not going home tonight, it's what he has to do. Ben has to be going home tonight, right? He's gotten way more camera time today than all the other episodes combined.

Ben tells Jud that Sash agreed to vote for Holly. Jud seems confused that they aren't voting Jane off first, but is also fine with voting Holly out. So, apparently, Ben was wrong and Jud would have been cool with voting Jane out first after all. Jud interviews that he was nervous before, but now he's pretty sure things are okay and Holly is going home tonight and he'll be in the majority alliance. As the symbolic yellow snake slithers up and tree and towards what appears to be the camera man's face, Sash tells Jane that he wants to play the last seven days with her because she's like a "second mom" to him. Jane says the best thing that happened to her in this game was being picked to go to La Flor. "I have your back," he tells her, so sincerely. Why does he do this? He can't possibly mean it, and I don't know that it's something he needs to do to get further in the game. In fact, it will only work against him if he makes it to the end and Jane doesn't, because she's going to hold it against him. Oh, and then talk about how everyone in North Carolina is going to kill him for his treachery in her jury speech. Like, a lot. And then I'll have to listen to it. Jane interviews that she's buying everything that Sash is selling, and it's going to be either Ben or Jud going tonight.

For tonight's Tribal Council, we will have a very special Prost shout-out to NaOnka and the other Kelly, calling them "our two quitters," as they file in. Yeah, NaOnka and the other Kelly don't seem to mind that too much. Probst then reminds us that they quit at the last Tribal Council, and then that's it. What a public shaming. NaOnka is positively beaming in embarrassment. Probst asks Chase why he totally blew a "strategic opportunity" in choosing his reward partners. Chase says he is worried that it will work against him, since he made two people happy and therefore left four people pissed off. Probst asks Chase if, as someone so "young" and "fit" (you sure you didn't want to hug him after he won that reward challenge, Probst?) he could be a target and an immunity threat. Chase shrugs that he might be a threat, but he has yet to win an individual immunity challenge. And then he makes sure to mention that Jud and Ben are physical threats, too.

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