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Flushing Idols

Malcolm finds Lisa and takes her for a walk on the beach. He just looks at her, and she realizes that he knows what she found and she smiles and says she wasn't looking for it and didn't mean to find it. Lisa vows that she won't tell anyone, and Malcolm tells her that he has an alliance with Denise already and now the three of them will have an alliance as long as Lisa is cool with that. Lisa readily agrees, and they both know that they can't mention it to anyone else. Malcolm interviews that he's now involuntarily locked into this alliance with the two people he doesn't think he could beat in the finals, because Denise and Lisa are so nice and well-liked, but he doesn't really have a choice. I'm impressed that he thought that far ahead; I'm worried for him that he doesn't have a goat. I think his best bet would be to win immunities and then make the "I earned my way here" argument that might beat out the "You like me, you really like me" argument. Maybe. He has to make it to the finals first. Lisa interviews that Malcolm promised her final three with him and Denise, but she also recognizes that he could be playing her so she's proceeding with caution.

The next morning, Penner and Lisa sit out on the beach talking. Penner asks if any of the others have recognized her yet and Lisa says that they haven't. Penner laughs that they're all too young. Remember, Penner is an actor, so he and Lisa bond over being in the entertainment industry. Lisa confesses that for the first time, she's really enjoying making friendships based on who she is instead of the fact that she was on TV. Penner interviews that Lisa is a nice lady who could definitely end up in the final three, because she's not a threat. Back in the water, Penner promises Lisa that he won't blow her cover. Aw. Those two are cute together. I know Lisa just got divorced, but I don't know Penner's marital situation and I refuse to look it up because that would be a little too creepy, even for me. But they make nice friends.

Next, Penner and Skupin go for a swim. This lagoon is quickly becoming Penner's equivalent of the bathroom at Arnold's for Fonzie. Anyway, Penner tells Skupin that they are obviously both targets because they are returning players, and the others have the numbers to vote them out. Penner interviews that he's trying to find fissures in the former Tandang and hopes Skupin will give him some insight. Anyway, Penner promises that he has "four loyal people" and "a serious bloc" and he's willing to work with Skupin to figure something out. I think Penner had better check his assumptions there.

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