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Flushing Idols

The tribe arrives for the first individual Immunity Challenge. Probst explains the game: they will each hold a handle, around which is wound a rope, which is attached to a bucket containing twenty-five percent of each player's body weight. So a customized challenge. I like those once in a while. As time goes on, the weight will become more difficult to bear and the bucket will drop. One man and one woman will win immunity. Nice twist there, too.

Everyone gets into position and the challenge begins. A few players grumble immediately, so this challenge might not last long. It's all about wrist strength, which isn't really something that people tend to develop, right? Skupin is the first one out as the bar slips out of his hands. Pete is out next. So it's obviously not really about strength; it's about endurance and will. Penner struggles and his rope is nearly entirely unwound. Rather than let it drop, he stands up and lets go, as he was obviously only seconds away from losing it. Probst points out that Penner is out and in trouble at Tribal tonight. That's a weird thing to say. He didn't say it to anyone else. Penner sarcastically thanks Probst and Probst shoots back, "Glad you're on the show, Jon." WTF was that about? Why does Probst hate Penner? Is it because Katie's gone and he has no one to hate on now?

Lisa and Malcolm fall out pretty quickly. Now that Penner's gone, there's no reason for the men to stay in, right? RC's hands are slipping and she tries to wind it back up, nearly crying. As she tries to rewind a second time, it slips and she's out. Abi goes out next and that means Denise wins immunity. She screams in celebration and lets go.

So now it's down to Artis, Carter and Jeff Kent. Artis grunts as he winds his rope back up so his bucket is the highest again. He is sweating a lot, though. Jeff Kent gives him some words of encouragement, and Artis looks at him, nods and lets go. So now it's down to Jeff Kent and Carter. They hang out for twenty-five minutes and then Jeff Kent whispers to Carter that whoever drops, the other will owe him a favor. Carter doesn't really respond other than to agree. That wasn't really an offer of a deal. Jeff Kent finally lets go and Carter wins immunity. He immediately says that he knows Jeff could have kept going, but let him have it. Jeff doesn't deny it because his huge ego won't let him. So Carter and Denise have immunity. Neither of them were in danger, though I don't know if they knew that. Artis interviews their plan to split the vote between Penner and RC again for those of you who weren't paying attention earlier.

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