Notable Jury Speeches (Besides Rats-And-Snakes)

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My Question Is This

Candice, Cook Islands
"My question is: One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war."

Some people will keep playing and playing until they find a competition at which they can win, and they often respond to a position on the jury by searching for the one angle that will allow them to look superior while, ultimately, being in the process of losing. Candice didn't really mind losing to Ozzy, because it's not that hard to say "Hey, not everybody is a killer athlete and a born outdoorsman." But she was angry as hell about being outplayed by Yul, because "the smart one" is the spot she wanted, and she didn't get all. So she challenged Yul to answer a question with a "yes" or "no," making it one that couldn't reasonably be answered "yes" or "no": "My impression is that you have been shamelessly working this jury. Is that true?" She told him that if he said anything other than one word -- "yes" or "no" -- in response to her question, she wouldn't vote for him. Yul balked, because "shameless" was a value judgment Candice attached to something he legitimately did, and he knew that saying "yes" meant agreeing to her judgment, but saying "no" would read as denying that he was trying to get jury votes, which was the kind of weaseling she was accusing him of. So he squinted hard and said, "Yes." Having been cut off from attacking him by his unexpectedly going along with her dumb requirements, Candice sarcastically told him how hard she knew this was for him. In response to that comment, Yul good-naturedly tried to explain the value judgment inherent in "shameless," and she decided that broke her rules, too. Apparently, Yul wasn't allowed to speak ever.

Seeing Candice attempt to reach "smart and insightful" and wind up at "bitterly envious" was, in the long run, mostly a satisfying thing, particularly since Yul wound up winning. But it's a great example of the fact that every now and then, the haters really are just jealous.

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