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Probst lies again in the previously on segment, giving Ken full credit for all of the blindsides and even saying he was the one who convinced Susie to re-join his alliance when it was all Crystal. Lame. And Bob's fake idol gets a lot of attention, so I'm sure it won't have anything to do with tonight's episode at all.

The contestants return to camp. While the Fang alliance is in high spirits, Corinne and Randy are wearing frowns. Ha ha! Randy says he was sure he was going home tonight, but instead, the Fang alliance made the "smart vote" and took out Charlie instead, and how big of Randy to admit they made a smart move. "Charlie's got a lot of friends. I don't," he says. In fact, Randy, you don't have any friends. "Why did you guys pick Charlie?" Corinne asks, this time not saying anything about how he deserved to be in the game. Matty says Charlie was a "big threat." Corinne tells us that she's going to have to "re-evaluate" her situation in the morning, since Ken and Crystal are taking out her alliance. Um ... might be a bit late for that, Corinne.

The next morning, Sugar goes off to the woods with Bob. "I want Randy out. Randy's awful," she says. Why bother with Bob, Sugar? You're in an alliance that has the majority. They hate Randy, too, and after his racist tirade last night I can't imagine that they'd want him to stay any longer than necessary. In fact, I would have thought Corinne and Bob would have made their move to get away from Randy as well. I would. I don't need millions of viewers at home thinking I'm in an alliance with a racist, especially if I'm a school teacher, Bob. That's actually worth more than a million dollars to me. Bob says there isn't much he can do for her, since he doesn't have the idol. "You don't?" Sugar says, so surprised. She's great. She says Bob still thinks the idol's out there, and she "kind of" feels bad about not telling him the truth but "it is hilarious," she says, laughing. Good for her for keeping a sense of humor about the fact that all these people think she's so stupid that there's no way she could find the idol after fifteen days on Exile "Island." Bob reveals that he made a fake idol and offers to show it to Sugar. Bob. What are you doing? That fake idol was your only chance to make some kind of move, and you just told someone on the enemy alliance about it. I don't get it. Bob says he's hoping it'll fool someone in the future, but he's only telling Sugar about it. Why her? Why anyone? Sugar tells us that she's guessing Bob has a reason for showing her his fake idol, but she's not sure what it is. All I can think is that he talked to Sugar about the hidden idol since he knew she was the only person left in this game who would have had the same difficulty trying to find it as he had, and possibly to feel her out and see if she admitted to finding it. Instead, he's given away his entire plan and gotten nothing in return.

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