Nothing Tastes Better Than Five Hundred Dollars

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If You Give A Sugar A Cookie...

And now we're getting cutaways to symbolic spiders, so you know someone's onto a plan that's going to viciously trap someone else. Corinne pulls Bob aside and says their only chance is if he found the idol. In fact, she says she's assuming he found it. He nods that he did. Wow. Not only does Corinne think so highly of Bob that she assumes he must have found the idol, but she thinks so little of Sugar that she wouldn't have gotten it first. The best part of Sugar's plan is that so much of it hinges on everyone underestimating her. Every time they think she's stupid, they dig their own grave a little deeper. Corinne tells him not to tell anyone else he found the idol, "especially not Sugar." Ha ha ha ha! She urges Bob to give the idol to Randy to save all of them. Bob says that if he thinks the Fangs are going for Randy, he'll give the idol to him and vote for Susie. "I love you!" Corinne says. Hee hee hee. Heeee. It's nice to see Bob actually playing this game for a change. I just wish he was playing it with more clothes on.

In the hut, Bob shows Randy his idol. Randy is quite pleased. He tells Bob that it's his call to do what he wants with the idol. Bob says that he's pretty sure Randy has pissed everyone off enough to be the one going tonight. So the idol should go to him. "I love what you're thinking there," Randy says. So do I. Randy tells us that he saw Bob's idol and he's thrilled, especially because Bob said he's willing to give it to him. In the woods, Bob gives Randy the idol and agrees to vote for Susie. Randy says that if Bob makes it to the finals and he doesn't, he'll vote for Bob to win the million for this. So, now all Bob has to do is look sufficiently shocked when the idol is called a fake and hope Randy believes that he didn't know it was a fake. Bob walks away, and Randy tells us that Bob did "one of the most selfless acts [Randy has] ever seen" and gave him the idol. What, you mean Bob somehow managed to top your incredibly generous mandatory cookie giveaway? I didn't think it was possible! Randy can't wait to see the surprised faces at Tribal Council tonight. He pulls the idol out of the bag: "looks like an idol to me." I'm starting to think that they might actually pull this thing off.

Bob tells Sugar the good news. She's so happy. So very happy. This is going to be the greatest comeuppance this game has ever seen. And since the editors chose to show it all unfold before Tribal Council, we get to be in on it along with Sugar. Although it worries me that they're giving so much away -- is it because the plan does not work out after all? I couldn't bear it. I need to see Randy go down. A symbolic spider catches a beetle. Excellent. Randy is the beetle! Sugar returns to the hut and tells Ken and Crystal that tonight is going to be "the funkiest night of your life." Crystal looks doubtful. "Wait for it. Wait for it," Sugar says. And with that, they're off to Tribal Council.

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