Nothing Tastes Better Than Five Hundred Dollars

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If You Give A Sugar A Cookie...

Randy and Corinne go to the woods to plot. Corinne says she thinks Crystal, Ken, and Susie have a final three alliance, but Matty and Sugar are "too stupid" to figure out that they're on the outs. Yeah, Corinne? Last time you said Sugar was stupid, she fucked you over. It might be time to give her a little credit. Randy tells us that with a two person alliance, there's not much they can really do. He's planning on being his "same charming self." With that, Randy and Corinne agree that they hate everyone left in the game. Randy says he can't pretend to like people, and Corinne tells him to stay away from everyone except Matty, who he should try to work on. Randy tells us that they need someone to flip to their side, and Matty's the only real candidate. No matter which alliance he sides with, he's bound to be on the bottom. He's better off with Ken, Crystal, Sugar, and Susie, since they're probably less physical threats to individual immunity than Bob or Randy.

Randy and Corinne return to camp with treemail. It looks like the reward challenge will be the auction! Each contestant gets five hundred dollars. Corinne tells us that the only thing she's planning on spending her money on today is something that will help her progress in the game. "Nothing tastes better than five hundred dollars ... except a million," she says. Oh yeah? What about five hundred and one dollars? Five hundred and two? Eight thousand and thirty-nine? Seven hundred and fifty-three thousand, three hundred and eight? Okay, I'll stop.

The African voices sing us to the reward challenge. It is indeed an auction. I love the auctions! But I do miss the gross food challenge. Remember those? Probst goes over the rules: they can't pool money or share food. They said that last season, too, and then Erik gave Cirie a hundred dollars to lick her cake fingers and my trust was broken. The first item up for bid is a bucket of beer and some peanuts. That sucks, but Randy and Sugar start a bidding war anyway. Sugar makes a big jump from Randy's bid of $100 to $160, but Randy coolly bids $180 to win it. As he walks up to collect his prize, Sugar giggles that she didn't even want the beer -- she just wanted to make it as expensive as possible for Randy. Good for her. Meanwhile, three beers on a starving stomach? That's just asking for a really really drunk Survivor.

The next item is a mystery. Randy and Ken go at it, with Randy topping out at $320. Ken doesn't seem to want to go any higher, but Sugar tells him that $320 is all Randy has left, so Ken bids $340 to win. Wow, Sugar really wants Randy's life to suck in the auction. It's actually more important to her than the food. She must hate him. A lot. Ken's prize is not food, but a scroll. It says he can send either himself or someone else to Exile "Island," and if he sends someone else, he gets all of his money. Ken says he needs money, so he sends Bob to Exile. Ken reminds us that he knows there's no idol out there for Bob to find, but that Bob will look for it anyway since he obviously couldn't find it the first time. Meanwhile, no one on the Kota alliance seems a bit suspicious that Ken just passed up the chance to look for the hidden idol himself.

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