Nothing Tastes Better Than Five Hundred Dollars

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If You Give A Sugar A Cookie...

The next item is also covered. Ken, Matty, and Randy have a bidding war. Randy bids $320 again, and Ken says Randy can have it, even though Ken has more money than anyone and would still be okay if he spent it here. Just when it looks like Randy's going to walk away with another item, Sugar bids $340. Wow, she only did that to spite Randy. I don't think she even cares what she won, because the fact that she won it and Randy didn't is the best prize she could have gotten. And what did she win? Chocolate bars sitting in peanut butter! Sugar lets out a scream of joy at the sight. As Sugar licks the peanut butter off of her dirty fingers and probably gives herself some disease from the 1920s, Crystal says that was the prize Sugar was hoping for. Why do the models on this show love chocolate and peanut butter so much?

The next item is a hot bath. Probst whips the blanket off of a bathtub full of soapy water. Next to it is shampoo and soap and Probst adds that the winner will also receive a fresh, clean set of his clothes. Randy starts the bidding at $320. I would think that for the sake of everyone who has to sleep near him, Sugar would let Randy win this one, but no. Susie bids $340, and Randy says he'll give $100 to bathe her if she wins. Everyone is creeped out. I think comments like this are one of the reasons why Sugar hates Randy so much. "Yeah. That's not gonna happen," Susie says. And with that, Susie wins her bath. Poor Ken, though -- as Susie goes to claim her prize, Sugar tells him that if he had won, she would have cuddled with his fresh clean self. "Will you cuddle with a rich man?" Ken asks. Not sure if he's talking about the $620 he has in his hands or the million he's assuming he'll win. I do have a feeling that that $620 is the most money Ken's ever held in his entire life.

And then they make Susie bathe in front of everyone, which I don't like because you know Randy is staring. For $340 they should have given her a shower curtain. Also, now she has to bid from her bathtub. The next item is a hamburger, fries and Coke. Shockingly, Randy bids $320. Matty really wants the burger and bids $400. ""You can have it," Ken says. I don't get it. If I were Ken, I would've bid $520 for that and won it outright. What's the point of saving your money like that? Matty grins and takes his meal. Meanwhile, Susie decides she's done with her bath. Sugar doesn't understand. She tells Susie to enjoy the first bath she's had in twenty-eight days. For real. I've taken longer showers than that after a trip to the gym. Then again, I didn't have Randy sitting there watching me.

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