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Bob goes to Exile "Island." He goes for the clue again and they make him read it out loud even though he knows what it's going to say. Oh, I guess he didn't. Bob's bummed because he apparently didn't realize that he'd get the same clues to lead to the same idol he couldn't find the first time around. Moron! How does he not know the rules of the hidden idol? Why does he think there's a new one in a new hiding place every time? Bob's not going to bother looking for it, so he decides to expend a ton of energy hiking on his own Bob safari. He climbs to the top of a hill and says he came on this show to win and to find out who he was. Well, you're a guy who's okay with being in an alliance with a racist, for one. He's also got family and is really lucky and Africa is beautiful and stuff. This is the same realization everyone on this show has. Except for Randy. "I see why they call it the Garden of Eden," Bob says. Does anybody actually call it that besides Probst?

Back at camp, the Fang alliance plots. Ken and Sugar want Randy out next. But Matty's got a different plan. He thinks Bob should go next because he's probably the biggest individual immunity threat to the rest of them and he's too nice to keep around. Sugar tells us that Matty seems to be intent on taking control and getting rid of the physical threats, which will make it easier for him to win challenges. Dude, if you can't win a challenge against a fifty-seven-year-old physics teacher then you deserve to be voted out. Come on! Sugar is suspicious of Matty's motives for keeping Randy in the game, wondering if he wants to keep Randy until the end because it's good to go against an asshole in the final vote. Nevertheless, she agrees to take Bob out first. Randy approaches the hut, and Matty tells everyone to be quiet before shouting out the proposed boot order like ten times.

Epic music plays as Randy approaches the hut and stares at everyone inside. They stare right back. He walks away. Sugar rolls her eyes at the non-confrontation. Symbolic ants pick at a large beetle.

After the break, Randy approaches Corinne to give her a heads-up that today is the day he crashes and burns. Okay, but I've heard people threaten to burn the camp down before and they've never delivered. Randy had better deliver. He says he's been up all night trying to think of a "diabolical" plan to keep his alliance alive and take out the "worst person in this game." But ... the worst person in this game is Randy. He can't vote for himself. Randy says he's going to make everyone miserable all day long and be as nasty as possible so that the others will have no choice but to vote him out. Well, that will certainly mean the worst person in the game is going home, then. Oh wait -- phase 2 of this plan is to get the immunity idol from Bob and use it. The votes against him won't count. The remaining votes will be for Susie. She'll go home. How is Susie the worst person in this game? What happened to Randy's full-on hatred for the color of Crystal's skin? "That's a great plan!" Corinne says. Um ... no? First of all, they don't know that Bob can find the idol, let alone that he'd give it to Randy. And it's really never occurred to anyone that Sugar has the freaking idol already. Didn't Randy watch last season when freaking Amanda found it? Doesn't anyone wonder why Ken was so confident sending Bob back to Exile? Never underestimate people in this game. Randy says he wants Susie to go home, and he wants her to get blindsided out, too -- just like she helped blindside Marcus.

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