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If You Give A Sugar A Cookie...

So, Randy begins Phase 1 of his plan. He sits next to Matty and says that Susie can't yawn without making a loud noise. Then he imitates her. Inside the hut, the other members of the alliance say Randy is acting like a two-year-old. Sugar doesn't understand what Randy's trying to do here except start a fight. Randy even turns on Matty, saying he's the only "normal" person in the Fang alliance, but even he "whored" himself out. "Oh my god, don't do this, dude," Matty says. "You know you have," Randy says. Well, there goes any chance of Matty flipping to your alliance, Randy. This is a great plan indeed. And now, instead of the original plan to vote Bob out, Matty is ready to vote Randy out first. He says he's done everything he can to help Randy, but Randy doesn't want to take his advice. "Randy has to go home now," Matty says.

Randy moves inside the hut and starts talking about the cookies and how he didn't get any. He says he was in charge of the cookies, and could have thrown them all in the dirt if he wanted to, but instead he gave them to his tribe members. Yeah, after trying to eat them all himself first. Susie points this out, and Randy says he's tired of discussing this. "You're right. I'm done," Susie says. "Then shut the fuck up!" Randy says. Wow. What a blow up. Would you look at all the crashing and burning. Please. Crystal is pissed. She tells us that Randy needs to go. "He is a troll," she says; "he is wreaking havoc in the Nobag tribe." Matty and Susie talk outside the hut. They agree that Randy is going home as soon as possible, and Susie says that Randy doesn't seem like a very happy person. "I kind of feel sorry for him, actually," she says. "In a way, yeah," Matty agrees. I don't care how loud Susie yawns; she is good people.

For lunchtime, Randy sits off by himself and is delighted, saying he's got the rest of the tribe freaking out, which is perfect for him. The more they freak out, the better the chance they'll vote him out, he says. Except that even if this plan does work (and there's no way it will) and Susie goes, it'll still be 3 to 4. And they'll want Randy to go home next. So he's really only bought himself three more days, and those were three more days that he already had. Amazing.

Immunity challenge time! Probst takes Susie's necklace back (just for now -- you know she's winning it again!) and explains today's challenge. Everyone has to get across a balance beam obstacle course carrying bags of puzzle pieces. The first two people to get their three bags across the finish line move onto the final round, where they must place the "puzzle blocks" inside their bags on a multi-angled platform while navigating through a rope maze. Hitting one of the ropes will cause the platform to wobble and tip over the puzzle blocks. Once all the blocks are set up, the player hits the first one, and the rest fall into each other like dominoes, with the last one releasing a flag. Damn, that's complicated. Oh, and what's Corinne's advantage? An automatic pass to the final round.

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