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Everyone else lines up, and I am psyched to see Crystal finally unleash her blazing, Olympic medal-winning speed on this thing. Surely she won't hold back at this late stage of the game! They begin, and Matty takes the lead. Ken and Bob soon follow, each getting one bag across the line. Meanwhile, Crystal is not speeding at all. Such a disappointment. Even Susie is beating her. You know, Crystal's Survivor performance is starting to make me think that I could win an Olympic gold medal, too. At the high jump. And I'm 5' 1". Matty gets his second bag across, followed by Ken. Bob gets his second bag across, too, but he slips at the end of the balance beam and even though he lands (on his side, ouch!) across the line with the bag, Probst decides that it doesn't count and sends him back to the start. Matty is the first to get his three bags across. Susie gets her second bag in. Sugar and Crystal have yet to get one bag across. I'm not sure how Randy is doing. He seems to be falling a lot. Probably still dunk. I was so hoping Susie would get the last spot and win this thing, but Ken makes it first.

And now, the final round. While Matty and Corinne are putting their pieces on at the beginning, Ken decides to begin at the end. That might be a very good strategy; you have the best chances of hitting a trip wire and knocking the pieces over when you have the least amount of pieces to lose. Matty almost knocks his progress over immediately upon knocking into a trip wire. But even though he hit the rope pretty hard and the platform wobbled quite a bit, his pieces stayed upright. Ken's skinny body makes it easy for him to get through the ropes. Or not, as he becomes the first player to knock his pieces over. Although they didn't fall off the platform; they just toppled into each other. So really, that's not a bad thing. Maybe it would be best to get all the pieces on the board face down and then stand them up? And then we jump quite a bit, as suddenly Ken and Matty are putting their last pieces on the board. Ken is the first to get all his pieces on the board. He knocks the first one over ... but his dominoes aren't spaced correctly and the domino effect stops pretty quickly into it. Then it's Matty's turn to try, with Ken and Corinne following closely behind. They all knock their blocks over at seemingly the same time, so now it's a domino race to the finish. Corinne's is the first to fail, and she shakes her head sadly. Matty's stops, too. And Ken's? He makes it all the way to the end and wins immunity. He dork-walks over to Probst and has the necklace placed around his neck. Corinne gives us the post-challenge wrap-up, saying that she needed to win this, and she didn't. Her only hope is that Bob found the idol. "I was so close," she says. But not really, since she only made it to the final round because of her auction win and she did the worst of the three in there.

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