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The Brady Punch

Over at Lopevi, the guys are lamenting the fact that they weren't able to win the challenge. Rory claims that Da could have provided them with "every creature comfort" that they needed, and...I'm not sure I would go that far. This isn't Gilligan's Island. Da doesn't make coconut televisions or curtains. Still, though, you have to feel for the guys as they sit around gnawing on plantains yet again. There's almost nothing I would want to munch on quite this often, and definitely not something that I most often hear described as "like a banana, but more potato-y." Chad confirms in an interview that morale is low, and that Travis, in particular, is not into the repetitive eating. Furthermore, Travis is missing his family fairly acutely. Travis glumly tells us that, indeed, his biggest concern while he's on the island is how the family is back at home. He wonders if they miss him, even though he's pretty sure they probably do. "My boys are my life," he says. In fact, they are his life to such a degree that he had to leave them for thirty-nine days to go and be on TV. ["Again, thank you. Does he love his kids as much as Jenna Morasca loved her DYING MOTHER?!" -- Wing Chun] It's my favorite argument. It's not that I think you're doing anything wrong by leaving your kids for that long -- heck, they'll live. It's the way people sit around and act like they've been taken from their kids, as opposed to having chosen to do a fun, frivolous activity away from their kids.

Around the fire, Rory and Chad discuss Travis's state of mind and agree that he's allowing his thoughts of his family to distract him from the game. In fact, in an interview, Rory refers to Travis's love for his family as "his weakness." He tells this to Travis in person, as well, warning him that this will make people wonder whether he's "trippin'." As if there's ever been a person on the show who wasn't. In return, Travis tells us that he thinks Rory, like many of history's irritating individuals as well as most of the boys I loved between the ages of thirteen and thirty, is primarily "misunderstood." As we watch a little bit of bickering between Rory and Sarge, Travis explains that Rory is only one of several guys who has a strong personality. Travis seems to hold Sarge and Rory equally responsible for the fact that they do so damn much fighting. No matter whom he holds responsible for it, Travis says that he's tired of the arguing and stuff. The more I watch this, the more I think Sarge is in serious danger, once things get to an appropriate point, of being the first of these five to go, because nobody likes a bossy-ass, no matter how much they say they're going to follow you. And the women, in the event of a merge, are going to hate him. Ladies don't like it when you tell them when to take their craps. "Play nicely," Travis tells Sarge and Rory around the fire, "or you're both going to time-out." No kidding. At this point, I would even consider corporal punishment, which I don't generally believe in. But could I paddle Sarge? I believe so. Travis thinks they need "harmony in the team."

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