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The Brady Punch

Travis, strangely emerging as the voice of reason, points out that it wouldn't have mattered who was in charge when no one was listening anyway. Sarge insists that Rory was looking at them "with a blank stare" during the game, and I don't think I remember that. Nor do I know how Sarge could possibly know that, considering that he was ignoring Rory for the most part. And besides, if he really saw Rory with a "blank stare," you're saying he wouldn't then have jumped in if he really knew exactly how to do it? Shut up, Sarge.

John sits around with Travis asks him whether the reason why Rory is still in the game is that no one perceives him as a threat. Amusingly, Travis comments that in fact, the reason Rory is still around is that he's supposed to be "good at puzzles." Understandably, John's like, "Yeah, good plan." Travis thinks Rory might have had a bad day. And...well, yes. We would certainly hope that wasn't a good day for the Puzzlemaster. Travis asks John whether he would consider voting for Brady if that's the way things are going to go. He claims that this might make the other guys feel like they can work with John, but when there are only going to be the six of them left, why would they work with John? This is the worst argument ever. Well, besides, "I like being the swing vote." John tells Travis that he thinks the problem that they're going to have is that they will never beat the women with the men they're keeping on the team. Travis looks down at the sand. Travis asks John rhetorically who he thinks is the leader of the alliance. John supposes it might be Travis himself. Travis shakes his head. "Sarge?" Asks John. Travis nods somberly. "He calls every shot," Travis says.

As Chris and Rory take a walk together, Rory says he really hopes the alliance will hold, because he's sure that if it doesn't, he will be the one to go. In fact, he says that he would be "dead right now." Rory suggests in an interview that the person most likely to move against him would in fact be Sarge, presumably because of the endless bickering and the fact that they can't stand each other. Rory tells Chris that Sarge "likes to dictate what goes on," and says he's not sure if Chris is ever noticed that. Chris is like, "Yeah, I've noticed." I think people around the world without televisions or electricity have noticed. In an interview, Chris allows that Sarge might decide to "make a change" because of his dislike of Rory. Why these guys have all decided to let Sarge tell them exactly what to do is very confusing, because at this point, the alliance is large enough relative to the entire group that there's no need for them to do that. If they want to get rid of Sarge and have one less giant blowhard to deal with, they can do that easily and still have their alliance. I think that's what I would do. Because Sarge bugs me. A highly metaphorical bat goes flying off in some direction or another. I think he stands for fleeting loyalty. Or rabies.

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