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The Brady Punch

Sarge takes a moment to feign uncertainty, saying that if Brady leaves, he will be very sad, because Brady is a good worker, and we all know that Sarge is all about the meritocracy. In fact, there's Brady right now, up in a tree, knocking a coconut down. But because he does it from above rather than shaking from below, he manages not to bean himself. Sarge also allows, in the interests of ratcheting up the suspense, that Rory is "a bad seed." He also says the team is "fighting for survival." Not really. But thanks. The team leaves for tribal council.

The increasingly dirty and sweaty men make their way up to the fire pit. Jeff is waiting for them. When they're all seated, he asks them about today's challenge. He asks Rory about having received "zero respect" while he was trying to give directions. Adding this to the fact that Rory has received votes at every tribal council so far, how does Rory feel about this? Rory says that he is "scared as hell" to be there under these circumstances, as a matter of fact. Jeff talks about the shift over the last couple of challenges and the way the women have been performing so much better. He taunts the guys a little bit with the fact that the women have improved their lives back at camp so much at the same time, thanks largely to Da. Asked if he can feel that shift, Travis points out that the women "really kicked [them] in the groin today." He says that the team took it hard, but he also says, all evidence to the contrary, that at the next challenge they're going to be "a whole new ball team." Well, it's an interesting theory. "Based on what I'm looking at, I don't buy it at all," Jeff says, proving that he can, when necessary, be useful. Because that's exactly what I would've said.

A beauty shot of Brady follows, as the show tempts the women in the audience to think about how sad it's going to be when he's gone. ["And the gay and bisexual men, also, I'm guessing. He's really very pretty." -- Wing Chun] Jeff asks Brady whether he thinks that the guys started playing an individual game, as opposed to a team game, too soon. In other words, is it going to come back to haunt them that they've now booted off the team almost everyone capable of running a fifty-yard dash without collapsing? Brady says that indeed, he thinks that from very early on, the guys were thinking about where they were going to be six or eight challenges from then, which prevented them from developing team unity. Jeff asks Chris what he thinks about the fact that the way they're going right now, the guys may be able to outlast each other, but it looks like all of them are going to be eliminated by the women. Chris protests that the women might not stay together, and Jeff asks him what makes him think the women wouldn't stay together. Gee, Jeff, I don't know. Maybe every other season that's ever happened, ever? I'm not sure Jeff has been watching the show. Maybe he finds himself too smug, and it's kind of painful.

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