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The Brady Punch

Jeff asks Chad why he's been shaking his head throughout Chris's little speech. Chad says something I don't really understand about how once other people start going individually, you have to go individually too. Something about it being your "backup plan" and...yeah, I'm confused. But I like Chad. I told couple of people this week that I think the funniest thing going on the season so far is that the "older guys" are letting Chad hang out with them, sort of on the assumption that he's not one of the young, strong guys. I suspect Chad will do just fine for himself in physical challenges, and is in this position because, consciously or not, they don't really think of a guy with an artificial foot as a threat. It's not that anybody's doing anything wrong, I think he's just benefiting from subconscious things that other people aren't even aware they're doing.

Asked whether he's concerned about his fortunes tonight, John claims to be "extremely worried." He says that, clearly, athletic guys are on the endangered species list in this particular ecosystem, and that he's one of the biggest spotted owls of them all. He also makes a really obnoxious comment about how there's nothing else he can do, because he's not going to pretend he's not as strong as he is. Well, that's admirable, and likely to lose you the million. Jeff asks Brady what's motivating his vote tonight. Brady says he wants the team to be as strong as possible. Also, he would like not to lose his chance to become filthy rich.

Chris votes. Travis votes. Rory votes for Brady. "Brady, you caught the first fish. You even climbed the pole. But the spirits sometimes dictate that it's time for you to go." Was that supposed to be a poem? Because if it was, it really sucked. Chad votes. Brady votes for Rory. "Maybe the third time is the charm," he says. Heh. John votes. Sarge votes.

Jeff returns with the vat of votes. He reminds us that the decision is final, so this will be no Florida recount. Or, you know, lack of a recount. The first vote goes to Brady. The second vote goes to Brady as well. The third vote goes to Rory. Fourth vote to Brady. And the fifth vote goes to Brady, meaning that he will go home, taking with him all of my dreams of watching the season with my tongue hanging out. When he's gone, Jeff points out to the tribe that voting out all of the strong guys so that they won't be individual threats later can completely screw you if you do it too early in the game. He doesn't mention that leaving them in the game can screw you as well, as you know if you watched Colby or Ethan or Boston Rob. But then, I am a student of the game. A bored student at the moment, but a student nevertheless. Jeff sends the guys home as the music swells.

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