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The Brady Punch

Twila gives a little speech about how if they're going to beat the boys, they have to remain a strong team. Twila is wearing that buff tied around her head in a way seemingly calculated to create the appearance of a mullet. I guess if you can't get it cut, you do what you can to create that "party in the back" look when the mood strikes. Twila then announces that she, too, is going to sleep. Apparently, going off to bed has become the method of choice for order expressing your disapproval. It beats what I would be doing, which is throwing rotten fruit at people's heads. If I really liked them, I might yell "Duck!," but mostly I wouldn't. Lisa interviews that she isn't surprised that Eliza and Julie are angry with her, but that she voted the way she thought was right, and that she's not taking any abuse over it. It's good to see someone standing up for her principles, because all of reality television should not present women to be quite as vacuous as they are on The Apprentice. Some of us vote our consciences when we're trying to win money, you know. Eliza is not feeling the forgiveness vibe, and interviews that if Lisa were gone tomorrow, Eliza would be "thrilled." Oh, same to you, Eyeballs McGee. "She repulses me now," Eliza says. Eliza has clearly been taking morality lessons from Mirna. Has she mentioned that Lisa is sick and disgusting?

Hey, that's not a Volcano! Actually, that's gross. I didn't even notice the two bats hanging upside down the first time I saw this episode. Man...creepy, sleep hanging upside-down from a tree...I think I had that roommate in college. Chad and his bionic foot (okay, prosthetic's probably only bionic in my daydreams, where Chad and I fight crime) are taking a stroll on the rocks. It is now Day 8, and Chris and Rory are also on their daily constitutional. Rory has decided to wear a kerchief tied around his head. That always makes people look like starving mothers in a movie about fascism. Rise up, Rory! Start a union! Write for an underground newspaper! Not without your daughter! Anyway, Rory interviews that although he received three votes last night, he's not worrying about it. As he and Chris work on gathering branches or something, he tells Chris that they have nothing to worry about as long as they keep to their five-person alliance. Rory goes on in his interview to explain that he has an agreement with Chad, Travis, Sarge, and Chris. He should be safe unless something goes wrong. Well, maybe not "safe," but also not "next."

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