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The Brady Punch

Brady refers to the fish he caught as "Little Fish and his brother Littler." Because animals are apparently only in our lives to be humiliated, even in death. It's the same reason people put shirts on dogs. In fact, Brady even says that the smaller fish are stupider than the larger fish, and that the only fish stupid enough to stand around and allow him to hit them with the spear are the small ones. I'm not sure the physics of that hold up, considering that I'm almost certain it's actually a bit easier for a small fish to avoid being speared than a large fish. But it's easy for me to say -- these are the sorts of things you have the luxury of thinking about when you aren't fully occupied by the fact that you're stuck on an island for weeks with a bunch of guys who smell like feet. Travis opines, in fact, that the fish Brady is catching are not even worthy of being eaten. Fortunately, Rory is happy to eat the little ones, so the fish do not die in vain. And really, beggars can't be choosers, and it seems to me that one bite is better than no bites. It's not really clear to me what the guys are eating, I guess. They imply later it's plantains, but is that it? Because that's rough.

Pretty, pretty Brady tells us that, for him and John, "it's getting down to the nitty-gritty." He's hopeful that the two of them will find a means of escape at the last minute, but it's really beginning to look bad for those of us who mostly watch the show in order to look at people who are better-looking than the ones we see on the bus every day. You know, for an FBI agent, Brady has not shown any particularly remarkable ability to manipulate people into doing what he wants. I wonder if this is how he treats criminals: "I really hope I can find a way to shake the guy up and make him confess, but it kind of doesn't look like it's going to work. I wonder if I'll be the first agent sent home from spy camp. That would suck."

Volcano! I really hope that isn't a bird falling into the volcano, although it sort of looks like it is. We watch the tribes pick up their treemail. As usual, the crappy poetry seems to imply that something good is going to happen, but doesn't tell you enough to know whether it's a bread and cheese picnic or free hookers for everyone. It does seem to give a little bit of information about the puzzle, which it appears will be like a big game of Concentration. Man, my sister used to kick my ass at that game. Travis/Bubba apparently is a lot like my sister (in that way only), because he promises that he is very good at this kind of game. Twila, on the other hand, thinks that the women have better memories than the men. Also, they have prettier eyelashes and big purses that they can use for various forms of cheating which they might be able to invent later. Hitting, if nothing else. Seriously, guys are such babies if you hit them with your purse. Little-known fact: that's actually why the travel iron was invented.

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