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The Brady Punch

Brady turns up a palm frond, which doesn't make him happy at all. In fact, he waves it in a rather dismissive manner. Finally, someone who treats these challenges with all the dignity they deserve. I love Brady. His second try turns up the other grapefruit. Again, if you don't laugh at Lisa's excitement over the grapefruits, you're missing obvious shout-outs to Wing. ["Thank you." -- Wing Chun] Eliza eagerly runs out, claims the grapefruits, and returns to her team. "Nice grapefruits," Ami says, stepping on the joke, which was already doing fine on its own. Chris heads out and uncovers a pig jaw. With his second try, Chris helps the women by uncovering the other shrimp trap. The men are failing to learn the game. You go back to something you've already seen if you don't get a familiar object on the first try, because this way, all they're doing is feeding the women opportunities to make matches. To wit: Julie takes one shrimp trap, and then the second. Yasur is now ahead three matches to zero. John goes out and uncovers a pig jaw. He does not successfully locate the first pig jaw, which we've already seen. Because John? Good athlete. Not a genius. Instead, he turns up a wooden pig, which we've also already seen.

Leann grabs the pig jaws. Yasur needs only one more pair. Sarge goes out, however, and picks up the two wooden pigs. Finally, a match for the men. It seems oddly appropriate that it would be pigs. Grapefruits, pigs, it's all one big suggestive metaphorical world of artifacts and fruit. Twila goes out and finds a coconut, but she's unable to find the other one. Oops. Instead, she finds the other nautilus shell. Well, I thought she had, but maybe it's the same nautilus shell. Chad goes out and finds the two coconuts. Four matches to two, in favor of the women. Lisa hits a nautilus shell, and then hits the other. She even does a smug little dance, and you know Rory is going to love that. So Yasur wins reward, and we'll have to try to see if they can learn anything. I am skeptical. All of the women hug each other, and for a moment, it really does seem as if they've managed to get rid of a lot of their problems just by getting rid of Mia. The men, on the other hand, appear despondent. Jeff sends them home empty-handed. Then, he brings Da over to meet the women. Jeff reminds them that they've won the opportunity to benefit from all of Da's extensive knowledge. Da will meet them back at camp, so that he can have a suitably dramatic entrance that will look good in the previews. The women head back to camp, arm in arm and hand in hand. You'd almost think they had recently cleansed to their tribe of a disruptive jackass.

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