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All For One And One For The Road

Previously on Meat Loafs: At Lopevi, John was so very tired from all the lying around that he could barely lie around anymore without getting winded. Over at Yasur, Rory appeared to be screwed, no matter how many times he tried to convince Ami that he would be her best friend. Yasur won a reward challenge and spent the week drinking coffee (from Folgers! Try the Home Café™! Before it's too late! All your French Vanilla are belong to us!), and the rush of chemical stimulant seemed to help Rory to act more friendly toward his tribe. The women, even hopped up on caffeine, were just as determined to get rid of Rory as they had been before. But at the immunity challenge, Rory saved his own salty bacon by kicking butt with a slingshot. Like in the Bible, but with a smarmy emcee announcing the whole thing. ("Goliath really takin' a beating!" -- Jeff 7:16) Suddenly, it was Lopevi that found itself heading for tribal council. It seemed like Julie and Twila would surely fight it out for First Lopevi Chick To Walk The Plank, but the other guys decided that the pretty, useless John should go instead, gambling that Julie and Twila would stick with Sarge, Chris, and Chad rather than heading back to the open arms of the women's alliance in the event of a merge. John tried to get up a coup against Chad, but nothing doing. So it was farewell to the last of the mo-hunk-ans. Now, there are ten left. Who will be the next to go, undoubtedly none too soon?

Credits. You know, they can barely make these people look interesting, even when they prop up skulls behind them. Is there anyone in this group you can imagine adding to an All-Star season? "Welcome Richard Hatch, Rudy, Lex, Boston Rob, and...Sarge!" Seriously. It's like watching a JV game. (Nothing against people who play JV.)

Volcano! At Lopevi on Night 18, the group is returning from tribal council, having unloaded John. As they sit around the fire in night vision, Chris asks if everyone trusts each other now. "We stay five, we're solid, we go to the end," he says, confident out of all proportion to the situation. Julie interviews that tribal council was "a wonderful thing," because she figured she would be the one packing her bags. As the team socializes by the fire, Sarge is sitting on a log, his legs apart. Julie comes over and sits down right between his legs, resting the back of her head on, basically, his crotch. He explains this in an interview, saying that she seemed to be trying to get warm. Not really sure I'd do that with a married guy without an invitation, but then, I'm not notorious for my naked sunbathing habits, either. Perhaps my reticence is the reason I'm single. Sarge describes himself as having been "like, 'Whoa.'" I'll bet. And I'll bet it was the Joey Lawrence kind of "whoa," too. Back at the Fireside Chat, Julie tells the guys that it's going to be satisfying to have the women see her and realize that she and Twila are with the guys now. Ah, there is no misdirection quite as effective as spite. Chad comments on this in his interview as well, saying that "Sarge was just kinda letting it happen." Yeah, no kidding. The moon rises, and in the craters, you can just make out the words, "Thou shalt not commit adultery!"

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