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All For One And One For The Road

Chad and Chris now have a private chat in which Chris notes that Julie is on their side for sure, and Chad adds that Twila is "too stubborn to go with those women." As Chad voices over, he and Chris then decided to make a pact for the final two. As they discuss their secret plan, we get a well-placed shot of Sarge, who is lying around, presumably sleeping off the chocolate. Heh. Chris and Chad agree that Sarge would be a very difficult person to face in F2. "I'm gonna be honest with you," Chris says seriously. "I think both of you've got a leg up on me." And then Chris's eyes flit, almost involuntarily, down to the WonderLeg 3000, and he gets this horrified expression. "Dude," he stammers, "I didn't mean to say that. Dude, I TOTALLY --" And then they both start chuckling, and Chad, who likes the word "dude" as much as anyone I've ever seen, says right back, "Dude, there's so many puns," and Chris throws his head back and then collapses on the ground laughing, saying, "Oh, my God, I didn't just say that." Hee. That was awesome and funny, and it made me like both of them. Because that would totally happen to me if I were Chris. I have, in fact, done things so much worse than that that I've almost managed to block them out, so I'm not even going to pull any of them out of storage for you. Chris interviews that he's covering all the bases as much as possible -- he has F2 agreements now with Sarge, with Chad, and with Julie. He says that in the event of a merge, any of those people could go, so he's trying to make sure he keeps an ally handy. I have to say, it's an impressive feat of ass-covering.

It is time for a new challenge, so the teams head for a grassy field and stand on their mats. Jeff goes to retrieve the immunity stick, and notes that it's been broken. Apparently, Rory went to put it in the ground with a little too much enthusiasm. As Jeff explains, though, they won't be needing it anymore anyway. "Drop your buffs," he says. He tells them that they're all one tribe now, and he hands out fresh orange buffs. There is much hugging, and it looks like Scout really did miss Twila. As Rory and Chris hug, Rory mutters to him, "Oh, man, I'm so happy to be out of there." Jeff tells the newly unified tribe that it has a decision to make, which is which beach to move to. Twila, who has lived at both, advocates for the guys' camp, which she says has a better location and a great fire going. Everyone agrees to move to Lopevi, including Ami, who is still wearing that stupid, lime green, grungy-looking skirt. I cannot imagine what she's thinking, because that would not be attractive in any setting, let alone with a bright orange buff wrapped around your torso. Jeff says that Yasur's personal stuff and the stuff they've won -- read, the coffee -- will be taken to the new camp at Lopevi. And when they get there, they'll figure out a tribe name. Which is great, because it's always one of the real opportunities for not only idiocy, but twee idiocy.

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