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All For One And One For The Road

Rory tells Sarge the story of Bubba's being caught by Ami trying to communicate with Lopevi, although he probably leaves out the part where her reaction was totally irrational. Sarge repeaterviews this story, and says that Bubba apparently "got crushed like a doggone bug." Rory tells Sarge that he wants Ami to be the next one out. When everyone else scatters, Rory gets together with Chad and tells him how open Ami was in telling Rory he was the next one to go. Chad says that they knew Ami was on "the female kick." Chad expresses some surprise, I guess, about Ami "calling the shots," and calls out her "you're going next; we women are a group" thing as "condescending." Chad assures Rory, with a blazing certainty he's going to feel real silly about very soon, that Lopevi is "family." "We are so solid!" he whisper-barks as Sarge joins the conversation. In a move almost as elegant as "leg up" earlier, Chad says that he was thinking that with the Lopevi group in place, he figured that maybe they could get "the minority" from Yasur to come over. He doesn't mean it that way, though. Rory volunteers to be the minority, and Sarge attempts to mend fences by apologizing for saying that Rory wasn't a team player. After all, if you're going to be on the guy's team, you'll have to make some kind of a move. Chad says that all of their past problems with Rory are "water under the bridge." You know, now that they're dead meat if they don't get him on their side.

Rory interviews that he was extremely relieved to be asked to return to the original alliance he was in before. He refers to himself as "the cat who swallowed the canary right now." Oy. This is too depressing. Bring on the sunset!

In night vision, we watch the group socialize, as Rory voices over that he's been assured that Julie and Twila are with Team Sarge, but that he knows that he, individually, doesn't have any relationship with those two. He's therefore not situated as well as he wishes he were, but he's not that worried at the moment, because the situation has shifted, and he's much happier. "So happy right now," in fact. It's like they're really trying to make me feel as sorry for him as possible. And it's not working all that well.

The sun sets. The sun rises. Time flies when you're unspeakably boring. The next morning, the tribe is hanging around on the beach painting its flag, which I will admit looks pretty darn good, compared to past efforts that looked like they were rescued from the trash can after a kindergarten art class. It turns out that the new name of the tribe is "Alinta," which Scout explains is an aboriginal word that means "the people of the fire," basically. So it's...irony? Because I'm thinking it doesn't mean "the people who can be people of the fire, provided they are given matches." When the flag goes up, it has a sun over a Volcano!, water, trees...a nice job on the flag. Somebody got an A in Art. In other news, the tribe is experimenting with body paint and grooming each other, and Eliza is apparently plucking Julie's eyebrows with her bare hands. Which...ow. Seriously, plucking your eyebrows hurts enough when you have tweezers. Like that? Forget it. Eliza interviews that she and Julie got very close in the first twelve days, and that it's just great to be reunited. She doesn't say anything about missing her in secret places, but once you're plucking errant hairs, you're getting fairly intimate already.

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