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Requiem For A Queen Bee

Previously on It's Not Whether You Win Or Lose, It's Whether You Keep Ami From Winning: Ami was practicing her winner's strut, and she was concentrating so hard that she forgot how to count to four. When she and Leann made it perfectly clear to Scout and Twila that it was an Ami/Leann/Julie alliance, not an Ami/Leann/Scout/Twila alliance, Scout and Twila looked around and saw that there were two other people left who might also not want to go home yet, and Ami's lock on the game was finally broken. Weep for Ami's lock on the game; you will not be seeing it again. Now, six are left. Can Ami pull something out of her shapely ass, or will this keep going the way it's going and send her back to Crissy with no ill regrets?

Credits. Hee hee hee hee hee. Sorry, just celebrating a little in advance.

Alinta, Night 30. A snake wraps itself around a pole. The tribe is back from tribal council. "Well, I can say that that was a really nice move," Ami says, in a tone of mock admiration. "I just felt like we was gonna get all screwed over," Twila says simply as she adds to the campfire, "so I felt like I'd take up for the little guy." "'Take up for the little guy,' that's cute," Ami spits. "Well, you're taking up for your own guy, not for the little guy," she tells Twila contemptuously. Just a note to Ami: that's always what "the little guy" means. It is always is a reference to yourself. Even if you're not short. So Twila is hardly using it differently than anyone else does. Ami continues to babble, with what she's trying to portray as casual amusement but is actually seething anger, about how Twila's the bad one, and Twila's the one who said she was down with the four-way alliance and so on. "Screwed you, didn't I?" Twila says, about tired of being snorted at. "You didn't screw me, I'm still in the game!" Ami insists. "You screwed Leann," blah blah blah. Because certainly, that has no effect on Ami whatsoever. Chris watches with interest. "The bitterness started as soon as we got back to camp," he notes in a night-vision interview. "I'm livin' with five wildcats right now!" Dude. You have got to get over your intense interest in seeing chicks fight. Unseemly!

Twila accuses Ami of just keeping Eliza around for her own purposes, and Ami, of course, snorts that now Twila wants to keep Eliza, when before, she was always wanting to vote Eliza off. Well, true, what? Twila may have wanted Eliza voted off; Ami actually voted for her. If the point is that Eliza has no reason to feel guilty about going against Ami, it seems like a pretty difficult thing to refute. Ami chatters on about how Scout and Twila always wanted to get rid of Eliza. "I know," Eliza puts in, "but who saved my ass tonight? When I was really going to go home?" As Ami persists in claiming that Eliza actually owes Ami, because she kept Eliza in the game -- you know, right up until she tried to vote her off -- Twila raises her hand behind Eliza, happily saying, "Me!" Twila certainly has stored up her resentment of Ami for a good long time, because she seems to have an abundant supply.

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