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Requiem For A Queen Bee

Volcano! We return to camp, where the tribe is congratulating Chris on his victory. Chris is happy that he finally won something. He interviews that he found it "humorous" that "it took a non-physical challenge to beat the chicks." Ugh. STOOOOP. It's like they shipped him in from Operation Petticoat. "I'm looking at it as though I've achieved something great here," he says. Around the fire, Ami gets out her penchant for inadvertent meta-statements and says, "Can you believe I knocked myself off?" Ami interviews that this was one of her weaker challenges, and that it "just happens to be the challenge that I needed the most." Twila and Eliza sit on a rock, and Twila says, "You do know, she's got to go." "But then you're not going to turn around and vote for me, are you?" "No, hon," Twila says. "I swear -- well, I can't [something something]," and she chuckles about not expecting anyone to believe her word in the game anymore, which was a little funny. Eliza is struggling: "It's hard, 'cause, you know, you swore on your son..." I don't get the impression Eliza is trying to guilt Twila; I think she's just explaining why it's hard to believe Twila, and I certainly don't blame Eliza for that. "Yeah," Twila says simply. "I did do that, and that was a mistake. I take it back." Reasonably enough, Eliza points out that that's not so much help for her now. Twila repeats that Eliza has nothing to worry about -- that the four of them are "solid." This is much more the problem with Twila's earlier broken promise -- it's not that it's immoral, but it can make things hard strategically, because how does she promise anybody anything now?

Twila now interviews that she does believe "Ami could influence Eliza." She points out that if Ami wasn't a smooth operator, she wouldn't have gotten as far in the game as she did in the first place. Twila tells Scout that Ami's got just this one day to work on Eliza, and she knows that Eliza doesn't fully trust Twila right now. But Twila is telling the truth! She swears on -- well, never mind.

Ami is off working on Eliza from a guilt perspective as we speak, telling her, "I want you to know that I feel like I've stood up for you five million times [which, as stated previously, is Ami-speak for "once, for my own benefit"], and then, if you kind of, like, throw me off to the side at the very end of the game, that would hurt my feelings." So apparently, Eliza would have to let Ami win in order to avoid hurting her feelings, because Eliza isn't allowed to "throw [Ami] off to the side," and that's what it is if you take part in somebody else's not-winning. I truly do wish Eliza had just said, "Oh, don't worry. I'm voting you out, but I'm not throwing you off to the side personally -- I mean, hey, you weren't throwing me off to the side when you voted me off last week, right?" But of course, she doesn't say that. Ami tells Eliza, in that "I'll just sit here in the corner like a dog" way, that if Eliza just "doesn't give a shit now, then that's how the game goes." It's hard even to itemize the number of stupid things about that speech. But it pales in comparison to this one, given in an interview: "I really thought that I could go through this game and play, like, a fair game all the way through and not have to play dirty. And it just didn't work out. So I'm really vulnerable right now, and Eliza would be the only hope." Oh, Ami's integrity. How nice and bendy you are.

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