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Requiem For A Queen Bee

Tribal council. Everyone walks in and sits down. Sarge, Chad, and Leann enter. Jeff mentions the reactions last week, and how there were the smug people and the happy people and such. Ami admits to having been "shocked," but of course, she doesn't couch this in game terms; she just says she was planning to come home and sleep next to Leann, and that Leann didn't come home. It had nothing to do with Ami's seeing her shot at a million dollars vanish. She was just lonely at bedtime. Sniff! Jeff then attacks Scout, probably inappropriately, telling her that she's "the one" who wanted the women to stay strong, and yet she's with Chris. Of course, Ami wanted the women to stay strong just as much, and voted against Eliza. So...shut up, Jeff, and don't take sides like you're doing RIGHT NOW. I hate it when he does that. Even worse, he goes on to ream Scout for only wanting the women to stay together as long as it worked for her, which is exactly what Ami did and everybody else did, so it's unclear to me why Jeff's meddling to this degree and picking on Scout for it.

Ami gets her big opportunity to talk about how offended she is when someone "flat-out disgustingly lies." I certainly hope she felt the same way about Julie and Twila telling the guys they'd vote with them after the merge. Ami says that any person who lies is "written out of [Ami's] life." Wow. It must be difficult when you aren't allowed at your own parties. Twila asks to address this, since Ami is being such an endless bitch about it, and she says that, yes, she swore on her son's name, and she regrets it and asks forgiveness: "But I am not the only freakin' person that has lied in this game. Get over it. Grow up. Get on with it. You've been had. Screw you." Ami laughs, and now Jeff calls her on that. Ami talks about how lying is one thing, but that this was, of course, extra-bad lying. Ami would, in other words, give her word and break it, she just wouldn't say "I swear on blah dee blah." It's like they wrote this whole thing to make the argument in favor of the part of Matthew where Jesus tells you to let your yes be yes and your no be no, because honestly, this is so dumb and petty and makes no sense.

Ami cranks it up by actually mocking Twila's feelings about her son, saying that her son is what Twila "claims" is the most important thing to her, and then Ami talks in this very sarcastic tone about how he's supposed to be the one thing Twila loves the most, supposedly, and that is just so unnecessary. "That is not worth a million dollars," Ami says. "That is not worth a gazillion dollars." Well, there you have it -- Ami's taking the most typical out there is for people who can't stand losing -- "I wasn't beaten; I simply choose not to play that way." It's always a lie, always. Just like it is now, when Ami claims that she was just "sad" about Twila turning out to be such a bad person and so forth. Jeff asks Eliza whether she thinks all of this is "sour grapes" from Ami, and of course, Eliza defends Ami for being upset that she was stabbed in the back, and really...this is so asinine. If you're going to bother getting into game ethics, which you really shouldn't, Ami's nasty behavior is certainly more offensive to me than Twila's telling Ami a lie after Ami and Leann tracked her down and demanded that she swear allegiance to them.

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