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Requiem For A Queen Bee

Jeff asks Eliza, if she feels so strongly about backstabbing, how she feels about her own vote against Leann last week. Eliza says that it was a very hard vote, and that she hadn't imagined she would make such close friendships. Leann: "[Bitchface.]" And then the cringeworthy segment follows in which Eliza talks about how nice Ami is to her (other than voting her off, lying to her about having saved her ass a bunch of times, and making her feel terrible about looking out for herself), and Ami cries, and Eliza cries, and it's all so phony it makes my head hurt. If Ami cared about Eliza's feelings, she wouldn't have tortured her with all that "you will so badly hurt my feelings if you vote for me" nonsense. It's fine for Ami to play hard, but you can't have it both ways. Chris looks around impatiently, like, "Fuck all, can we vote, please?" Love him. Interestingly, if Jeff asks Ami why she voted for Eliza last week if she loves her so much, it isn't shown.

Can't vote for Chris, everybody else is up. Go vote. Twila votes for Ami. "Drama queen to the end," she spits. Heh. And, yes. Chris votes. Ami votes for Scout. "Scout, you're pretty good at hiding your nasty side, but when your true colors come out, they're no part of any rainbow I've ever seen." So it would appear to me that that's Ami's obligatory "you're an unworthy lesbian" remark. She is impressive. I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone on this show who is as calculated as Ami in trying to find damaging things to say to people. It's just an unbelievable thing to say to a woman who's been gay a lot longer than Ami, and who's been dealing with it a lot longer than Ami, and who is in her own committed relationship. To cast doubt on someone's...whatever this is, sexuality credentials? It's just gross, and petty, and the only person it reflects poorly on is Ami. Julie votes. Scout votes for Ami: "Queens get dethroned, and a lightning will strike a lone tree on top of a mountain faster than anything." Yeah, that was pretty dopey, but you'll notice it's game-related, addressing Ami as a cocky power player rather than Ami as an unworthy human being. Eliza votes.

Jeff returns with the Urn-O-Votes. First vote, Ami. Second vote, Scout. Third vote, Ami. Fourth vote, Scout. Fifth vote, Ami. Sixth vote...Ami. So Ami -- who's been bugging me for so long -- is finally gone. Eliza, I must say, does not look that sad, now that it's happening. "Good luck, all you young'uns," Ami says as she passes the group, unable to resist the urge to fling a little more bitterness at Scout and Twila on her way out. It's also the precursor to the little lie Ami's undoubtedly going to be telling herself, that she was voted out by jealous older people. SNUFF! Oh, I could watch that all day. Finally, she walks away and we don't have to look at her anymore. ["To me, it looked like she also flipped off her former co-competitors over her shoulder, but that they pixilated her finger out." -- Wing Chun] And when she's gone, Eliza smiles all the way through Jeff's summing-up speech, so I really don't think Ami's work had as much effect as it seemed like it might. I've seen people really torn up over bootings before, and they don't look like Eliza looks here. I think Eliza is perfectly happy with her choice, and good for her. They head back to camp.

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