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God and Chickens Speak to Shambo

The next item will also remain covered. Dave Ball immediately bids $300 for it, followed by $320 from Jaison and $340 from Monica. Li'l Russell thinks they're idiots and that the evil Survivor producers put two nasty items up back-to-back. Awesomely, he's wrong! Monica wins a whole roast chicken. How can she possibly eat that entire thing? What a stupid prize. They should have given her a chicken breast and mashed potatoes and maybe a biscuit. Yum. The fourth item is not food but a "significant advantage" in the immunity challenge. John and Jaison bid back and forth and then Jaison interviews that he decided that someone from Foa Foa needed to win that advantage so he decided to give up his chance for food to take it. He bids $500 in order to prevent John from having any chance at it. "All right, Jaison!" Dave Ball says, apparently thinking that it's awesome when people in the rival alliance improve their chances at getting the immunity you so desperately need.

Probst lifts the lid on the next item: a plate with beer, a cheeseburger, all the fixings, and fries. That burger looks nasty, but I'm sure it looks amazing to the contestants. Mick quickly bids $500 on it while Jaison looks so, so sorry. Oh, don't be too sad, Jaison. I'm sure Mick will be the sorry one once that food hits his digestive system. The sixth item up for bid is a clue to the location of the immunity idol. John and Natalie put in bids for it while Li'l Russell stays silent, which should basically tell everyone that he already has the idol and thus knows that the immunity clue is worthless. John wins it for $200 and interviews that while he is aware of the fact that Li'l Russell might already have the idol, he didn't want to sit back and let someone else get the clue just in case it was still out there. I don't really like John and think he's not as smart as he thinks he is, but I must admit that does make sense. Then again, so would looking for the idol as soon as they got that first clue, and I didn't see him doing that.

Probst points at the shower stall that's apparently been standing there the entire time unbeknownst to us at home. It comes with shampoo, conditioner, and clean underwear, which has got to be a treat to these people. It is to Natalie, who says "clean underwear" to herself before bidding $120. The women apparently don't care for underwear while the men want to see Natalie in the shower, so she wins it. Natalie steps in the shower and we see that the door is really narrow, and placed up there pretty high. Really, Survivor shower building staff? You couldn't have just given the contestant a proper door? Natalie is in danger of exposing herself below the bottom of the door, but in the end she's tall enough to stay modest. Cheesy saxophone music plays as Natalie gets in the shower and disrobes. Before anyone can think this is too sexy, Shambo just ruins the moment by cackling.

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