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God and Chickens Speak to Shambo

Monica is soon out, followed by John, who confidently says "go ahead boys" as if he's choosing to bow out of the competition. I think he's just trying to save face, but it makes him look like even more of an asshole that he did already in this episode. The rope slips out of Brett's hands soon after, leaving Jaison, Dave Ball, Mick, and freaking Natalie still in the contest. I am totally cheering for Natalie. Mick is out next. Go Natalie, go! "That hand better be bleeding when you let go," Probst tells the remaining contestants. No, actually, it had better not be. Because we all know what happens to people who have open wounds on this show. They get medevac'ed out and show up to the jury with their IV poles. Natalie is finally done, leaving it between Jaison and Dave Ball. Jaison has that advantage, but Dave Ball seems determined and Jaison has proven to be a quitter in past challenges. Both men's arms are shaking, but in the end the rope slips through Dave Ball's fingers and Jaison wins. Wow, there was no way Jaison would have won if he didn't have that advantage. Dave Ball should've bid on the advantage first, but he's shown himself to be utterly terrible at thinking ahead and probably didn't realize that how important immunity would be for a strong guy in the minority alliance. Jaison interviews that now that he has immunity and Dave Ball doesn't, they'll be able to vote Dave out tonight. On the way out, Shambo interviews that she has Foa Foa "at [her] disposal" to get rid of whoever she wants to go home next. And that person is Dave Ball. "He doesn't even know it," she says. Well, I think he has a feeling. That's why he tried so hard to win immunity.

Day 30 at Aiga. Dave Ball congratulates Jaison on his win. Mick interviews that Shambo is "furious" at Dave Ball and wants him out next and won't hear of voting for anyone else. And that's fine with Foa Foa for now, because they're still counting on Shambo for the numbers advantage and thus have to do what she tells them. Dave Ball gets a consolation prize hug from Monica, but you can tell he's worried that he's the next to go. Mick, meanwhile, is worried that Galu will somehow be able to convince Shambo to come back to their side. Li'l Russell says "no way." Ordinarily I'd say he's being way too confident, but this is Shambo so he's right -- she won't hear of voting for anyone but Dave Ball. Even if it means cutting off her nose to tell her face "fuck you for telling me how to cook chickens."

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