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God and Chickens Speak to Shambo

While Shambo slumbers away in her hammock, John talks to Li'l Russell. He says he can "get" Galu to vote for someone from Foa Foa tonight. Um, yeah, no shit. That's what they were going to do anyway. It's what they've been trying to do all along except for that one time when they got rid of Erik. Shut up, John. Li'l Russell nods and agrees with everything John says and they decide to vote Mick out tonight. John seems to think that he and Li'l Russell have a secret Final Two alliance, and that the immunity idol he's sure Li'l Russell has can be used to save either one of them. Li'l Russell pauses before saying "think you'll be able to find it?" while giggling. He is so smooth. It's obvious that he has it and John knows it, plus Li'l Russell just can't stop himself from bragging about his stupid idol, so he admits to John that he does indeed have it. Li'l Russell then runs to an interview and says he might have to get rid of John next because he's a strategic threat and, most importantly, because Li'l Russell doesn't want him to have a chance to tell anyone else that he has the idol. He says people should really close their ears whenever he talks just in case he says something incriminating that they then have to be voted out for. Don't worry, Li'l Russell. I always close my ears when you talk, although that's more because I hate you than because I'm afraid you'll let one of your secrets slips. "It was my mistake, but sorry John -- you gotta go home for it," Li'l Russell concludes. Of course, to John he agrees not to burn him and be loyal to him for the rest of the game.

As soon as Li'l Russell is done with his interview, he heads for Dave Ball and tells him that he can save him from going home tonight if Dave Ball and Galu vote for John. Dave Ball is fine with that, especially since now they can get back at John for flipping on Laura and basically fucking Galu over. "It will be you if it's not John. I want you to stay in the game," Li'l Russell says. "All right. All right, brother. All right," Dave Ball says. Master strategist.

Li'l Russell heads for Mick and asks him who he would get rid of if he could get rid of one person. "John," Mick says. Of course, Li'l Russell agrees. He tells Mick about the deal he made with Dave Ball and Galu to vote for John, and thinks they're too scared not to do it. Mick is hesitant, though, saying he doesn't trust Galu to keep their word. I don't think they're smart enough to break it, honestly. And it doesn't really matter if they do, since they only have three votes to Foa Foa's four. So unless they can convince Shambo and John to vote with them (which they can't in the case of Shambo and shouldn't try in the case of Traitor John), their only chance probably is to do what Li'l Russell says and hope he's telling the truth. Conversely, they could try to convince Mick, Jaison, and/or Natalie to switch to their alliance, but I don't think anyone on Galu is smart enough to do that or anyone from Foa Foa is dumb enough (or smart enough, depending on how you look at it) to switch anyway.

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