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God and Chickens Speak to Shambo

Mick tells Jaison about the plan to boot John. Jaison doesn't like it, pointing out that Shambo will not be happy with them if Dave Ball doesn't go home tonight, and may well flip back to Galu, creating a 4-4 tie at the next Tribal Council. "We're doing to her exactly what they did to her -- taking her for granted," Jaison points out wisely. He's so right! The only reason why Li'l Russell wants to break his word to Shambo is to protect himself and his immunity idol. Mick has no reason to go for John over Dave Ball. "This may be one of our only shots to get rid of John," Mick says. "How -- why?" Jaison asks. Mick doesn't have an answer for that. He just wants to go along with Li'l Russell's plan because it's gotten him this far and he doesn't seem to understand that what's in Li'l Russell's best interests may not be in his own.

With that, the tribe arrives at Tribal Council. Laura is wearing way too much makeup for her triumphant return. Probst talks to Jaison first, saying he gave up food at the auction for an immunity advantage that obviously paid off. "Thank god," Jaison says. Oh, whatever. He wasn't saying that when he was whining about Mick's cheeseburger. Probst asks Dave Ball if he only lost to Jaison because of the advantage, and Dave Ball says "in the end, my hand slipped and his didn't." Very diplomatic, Dave Ball. And now Probst wants to know if Dave Ball's "physical display" could get him voted out tonight. Dave Ball says it might have, but oh well. I love how Probst assumes that decisions over who to vote out are being made based on perceived strength and not, say, something truly important like not wanting to eat boiled chicken or getting rid of the guy you accidentally told about your immunity idol.

Probst turns to Shambo and asks her if it's become easier or harder to get along with her tribemates as the game goes on. Shambo says she's had "ups and downs" as Laura laughs at her from the jury bench. Hush, Laura. Shambo is still in the game. You aren't. Advantage: Shambo. Somehow. Shambo says today, at least, was "peaceful" and there was no gameplay going on. Ha! That's because she spent the day snoozing in the hammock waiting for God to talk to her in her dreams. Li'l Russell says for him, today was all gameplay and no peace. "Wow," Shambo mutters. Probst is shocked that Shambo is shocked that people are playing this game and basically calls her an idiot while the jury laughs at her. Oh, settle down, Probst. Shambo is ridiculous enough without you calling attention to it. Shambo just says that her vote is based on advancing herself in the game and making sure someone unworthy doesn't win a million dollars. She does not add the third reason, that God told her who to vote for in her dream and it just happened to be the same person she got in a fight with. She says it's "imperative" to her that someone deserving wins the million. And I'm sure it's totally a coincidence that the people she thinks are worthy of winning a million dollars are the same people who don't treat her like shit (to her face, anyway). Comments like that show that her game is all emotion and no strategy. It also shows that she's a terrible judge of character, since she probably thinks that Li'l Russell is one of the worthy people.

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