Old And New Bonds

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Oh, What a Tangled Web They Weave

At Rattana, Day Twenty Seven, a shipment of bagpipes has arrived on the island. As have a shamisen and a zither. Sue cheerily wishes Rich a happy birthday, and Sean tells us that Rich celebrated in his birthday suit and that "you never get used to seeing Richard naked." A rear-view shot of Richard's blurred butt-crack does little to help me keep my dinner down. Gervase looks irritated and we get the jiggling foot shot, which I think is supposed to symbolize annoyance or discomfort, but could well be Gervase just shaking some sand off his foot. Rich tells us, "I'm thirty-nine today. I had intended for quite a long time to celebrate my birthday naked." Had he planned on doing some corporate training in the buff, or does he mean he's been planning this since he got onto the island? Jenna says she knows Rick loves being naked and she thought she'd be okay with it, "but sitting at the fire this morning and he comes just walking up and sits like two inches from me, naked. I wanted to get away," and then we see an enactment of the scene she just described as she says, "It felt awkward sitting next to a naked gay man. And if he had, like, something to cover the butt-crack area, I'd be cool with that."

We are then treated to a montage of shots of Richard prancing around like Mike Myers at the start of The Spy who Shagged Me, with objects like the fishing net strategically placed to spare our eyesight because the shows ratings would really suffer if all its viewers were suddenly struck blind. I catch Talking Rudy Doll sneaking a peak down below. He then tells us that when his wife asks who was with him on the island, he'll say, "A queer that ran around bare-assed half of the time, for one thing." Colleen sounds just like Greg bitching about Idiot Seanvant's butter-sauce blabbering when she says, "Rich wanted to be naked for his birthday. Oh fun. Show off a little more." Rich then tells us that Colleen is particularly irritated by his nudity, and that she put her hands over her eyes in a gesture he didn't understand when she first saw him in all his glory. In a quick clip of the two of them together, it looks as though Colleen is trying to explain to Rich why she responded that way; since this is the natural course for the show to take and since this would give us a more complete picture of the way things are, of course we are denied this conversation. Rich gives the obligatory "live for yourself" speech. But you can live for yourself and still put on some shorts.

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