Old And New Bonds

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Oh, What a Tangled Web They Weave
ems very earnest as he says, "This tortures me every three days. I hate it." Jenna says, "I'm next. I'm J," but "that's cool." Idiot Seanvant doesn't pick up on the sarcasm; he grins, nods, and says, "She knows she wouldn't take it personally and I think she's a safe vote tonight. If I was felt [sic] she was in jeopardy I would think twice at the very least of casting a vote," at which point a plane flies by and drops a trunkful of foreshadowing onto Idiot Seanvant's lap. Peachy asks what Sue's take is on Sean's strategy, because she's coming up soon. The remaining castaways are as follows: Kelly, Rich, Rudy, Sean, and Sue. So that makes Sue dead last; I don't know why Peachy would single out Sue to ask this question, nor do I know why Sue would be so upset since she has more time than anyone. Sue rambles on for a bit about Sean either being a neurotic idiot "or else he just doesn't have enough balls to make a decision." Sue and Sean get into it here as they raise their voices and being to talk over each other, and suddenly we're on a David E. Kelley show. Peachy asks how important Richard is to the group since he's the only one catching fish, and either he's ill-informed or he's setting Rich up. As the girls exclaim about their catch, Rich confirms, "They got a fish," although if it wasn't on film you know he'd be like, "Fish? What fish?"

Peachy sends the castaways off to vote, and even Talking Rudy Doll looks concerned, so either he's worried about the alliance or that's his natural expression. Gervase votes for Rich, winningly, because "everybody else will be cake." Talking Rudy Doll croaks, "Eliminatin' the big mouth," as he casts a vote for Jenna. Idiot Seanvant rambles on about how much he loves Jenna and how he doesn't think she'll be voted off; he must have been looking the other way when the foreshadowing crate spilled open to reveal Jenna's twins and a one-way ticket back to New Hampshire. Jenna votes for Rich and says, "Fish or not, he's getting irritable and I think he's ready to go home. Even though it is his birthday." She doesn't, however, moo as she says this; nor does she oink. Peachy comes back from rearranging the votes and begins: one for Rich; two for Jenna; two more for Rich; one for Sean; one more for Jenna; and finally, "J. For Jenna." Maybe this was done for the benefit of little Sabrina and Sadie watching at home, so they are aware the instant their mother gets the cold hard foot in the ass. As the vote is announced, Idiot Seanvant looks at someone sitting near him and makes the most amazing face like, "How could I have known," and I truly believed at this point that he was clueless to the plans of the alliance. Colleen is sobbing; you'd hardly know she voted for Jenna last week.

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