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Caleb's Big Move
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John shows up at Redemption Island and is greeted by Candice and Marissa. Candice thinks John was too trusting of people, and while she loves that trait in him, it was his downfall in the game.

Meanwhile, back at Tadhana, they are all happy with their "epic blindside." Brad takes full credit for it, claiming that he reeled John in from day one and earned his trust. Brad interviews that in any other season their alliance of five guys would have stayed strong until the end. He adds that his main reason for getting rid of John was because he doesn't have a loved one in the regular game, and Brad is hoping that after the merge, the couples can bond together and form a super-alliance. That sounds great, except what if your loved one has an alliance with someone who's partnered with someone on the outs? For example, Monica is aligned with Tina, but Brad's not aligned with Katie. What then? Rock paper scissors? Brad makes an edited version of that speech to the others, which makes Caleb realize that he's in trouble, since Brad now wants to get rid of people without a loved one in the game.

Redemption Island Truel. The two tribes enter first and sit in the bleachers. Then Candice, Marissa and John walk in. Candice flips Brad the bird as she walks by him. When Probst asks, Candice says that she was upset that John showed up on Redemption Island last night, and that she and Marissa were hoping it would be someone they could hate and team up against, like Brad. And then, weirdly, credits. That was a strange spot to go to a break on, but I guess they're hoping people will come back after the commercials to see how Brad responds?

Brad just stares at Candice and doesn't say anything. Probst wonders what Monica thinks about everyone hating her husband. Monica points out that all of the votes were nearly unanimous, so she doesn't see why Brad is taking the heat. Candice pipes up that Brad is shushing the women on his tribe and not letting them have a say. On the one hand, he probably is. But on the other hand, why do they need Brad's permission? Why didn't one of them try to make a counter alliance? Brad, Monica and Candice all start yelling and John finally pipes up and says that Brad never hushed him, but all of the elimination votes were Brad's ideas and he's shady. Brad admits that John made a bad decision in trusting him.

Probst has heard enough; it's time for the truel. They have to pull a key along a rope, unlock a bag and then solve a puzzle. Marissa and John get their puzzle bags free first, with Candice not far behind. The puzzle is long blocks that form a cube. John assembles his in place and Marissa tries to do the same. Candice tries to match up the smaller pieces to make longer pieces first, and then assemble them. Which strategy will prove best? Probst notes that Candice is always calm, "unless she's yelling at Culpepper." I would have loved if she'd said, "Brad or Monica? Because there are two Culpeppers here, Jeff." Instead she just says, "You cut my baby, I cut you." Look, I get that Candice has emerged as a badass, but she could maybe take it down a notch. It also annoys me when Probst makes editorial commentary during challenges. Play-by-play is fine, but I feel like his editorial comments may affect the outcome if he gets in someone's head.

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