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Caleb's Big Move

John is nearly finished and Brad whispers to Hayden, "I can get John to like me again," and then points out a piece that John has wrong. Yes, I'm sure he won't see through that at all, and also completely forgive you for voting him out, because you helped him in a challenge he was already winning. Doofus. John finishes and takes first place.

So now it's down to Candice and Marissa. Candice seems to have a slight lead and Marissa is falling apart mentally. Gervase advises Marissa to look at John's finished puzzle for help, but Marissa doesn't think it will help. Probst keeps harping on the fact that Marissa is losing it and Candice is winning, which can't help Marissa' mental state. Candice completes the puzzle and takes second place, so Marissa is going home. She starts crying. Gervase says that his niece impressed him and he's proud of her. Gervase doesn't seem all that broken up. I don't know how close they are; I think the producers just really wanted Gervase back so they let him bring this niece he doesn't seem to know all that well.

So who is John going to give the clue to now? Candice suggests that they give it to Monica. Note that she doesn't tell him, "Give it to Monica." She suggests, "Let's give it to Monica." Probst asks if Candice always tells John what to do and John says she tries to, but he doesn't always listen. Candice laughs, "Jeff. That's what husbands and wives do." She's not wrong. I tell my husband what to do all the time, and he laughs at me and does whatever the fuck he wants, and vice versa. But ultimately we work together to get shit done, because we are a team. That's marriage. So shut up, Probst. If Candice had won and John had made a suggestion, I would bet a million dollars that Probst wouldn't have made that shitty comment.

John says he's giving the clue to Monica, since having a clue means being a target and it's nothing personal. As soon as Monica gets it, she tries to rip it but can't and then tries to explain why she's not interested in the clue. But before she can really do anything, Brad starts saying, "Walk it down and put it in the fire" repeatedly, talking over her. She was already going to, dude! Relax! You don't need to control every aspect of the game on both tribes. Monica tosses the clue in the fire and Probst can't believe it. Candice snarks, "Doing what she's told." Which is true, but again, Candice could relax too. Then again, she's got nothing to lose and she wants to get under Brad's skin so that he might implode, I guess. Probst excuses everyone and they all head out.

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