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Caleb's Big Move

Immunity Challenge. This one has like a hundred stages. Stage one: paddle out in a boat, dive down and untie crates that are anchored to the ocean floor and put the crates in your boat. Stage two: bring the crates back to shore. Stage three: make a staircase with the crates. Stage four: Climb the staircase as a tribe. Stage five: Solve a puzzle that will give you a combination. Stage six: use the combination to unlock a flag-raising mechanism. Stage seven: Raise the flag and win. Stage eight: Gloat, probably.

Galang is sitting out Tina and Kat even though Tyson only has one arm that is useful. Probst can't believe it! Once the boats are in the water, Tadhana takes a quick lead, since rowing a boat is like, the one thing that they do well as a team. It's too bad for them that there are no challenges that are just rowing. The women do a great job untying the crates for Galang, while Brad does most of the untying for his tribe. Probst completely ignores Rupert Laura's amazing job of untying crates because he'd rather focus on Monica and Brad's contributions, so that he can say that the Culpeppers are dominating the challenge. Then, as Brad is trying to load their last crate into the boat, it tips and they lose some crates into the water, and their lead evaporates.

Both tribes get back and start building a staircase. Gervase seems to take the lead on Galang, while Hayden of all people calls the shots for Tadhana, who finishes seconds ahead of their opponents. Now Tyson and Laura M are completing a puzzle against Vytas and Ciera. Laura and Tyson complete their puzzle quickly. Ciera tries to take charge of her puzzle, but I don't know if she's just terrible or what and they struggle. Laura and Tyson do the combination and get their key, and then Tyson raises the flag so that Galang wins again. Laura M has mixed emotions because she wants her tribe to win, but she doesn't want her win to mean her daughter goes home. Well, that's the way it works this season. Make peace with it.

One thing about Galang's immunity run: on any other season, it would be really, really boring if one team lost all of the time. But it's different this season because, first of all, the person who gets voted out affects both tribes. And second, there's no guarantee and, in fact, it's unlikely that the lesser tribe will get Pagong-ed after the merge, due to the pre-existing relationships. So it doesn't matter if Galang goes into the merge with a majority, since alliances will probably be re-scrambled at that point. I kind of can't wait for the merge.

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