One Armed Dude and Three Moms

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Caleb's Big Move

Tadhana returns to camp, moping. Hayden interviews that they are a bigger, stronger tribe and yet they got beat by "a one-armed dude and three moms." Maybe you should stop discounting the moms, then? Or recognize that brute strength doesn't always win challenges?

Ciera explains that they have a post-challenge routine. The guys go "get water," which is code for strategize on which girl to ditch, and the girls "make rice," which is code for do nothing as usual. I'm really frustrated with the women of this tribe just sitting around and passively accepting what the men decide. Could at least one of them try to make some sort of move? Even if it's, "Let the guys make all the decisions and thus take all the heat, post-merge?" or "Try to be a goat and get hauled to the finals"? Something!

Anyway, Brad changes it up and stays behind with Ciera and Katie when the other guys go to get water. He tells them that he wants to vote out Caleb and he figures they would be voting for him anyway. Ciera and Katie stay quiet and let Brad chatter on about how they should get rid of Caleb now and then if they lose again, it'll be "nut-cutting time." I don't even know what that means, but it sounds painful. Ciera pretends to go along with what Brad says until Vytas comes back and asks Brad if he's joining them or what, and Brad reluctantly follows his alliance into the woods.

Before Brad joins them the three guys agree that Ciera was useless again in a puzzle challenge, so they might as well send her home. Caleb interviews that when Brad didn't show up to their he-man strategy sesh, he wondered what Brad might be cooking up with the girls, and worried that Brad was planning to vote against him. Brad finally shows up and asks what they all think, because he's got the girls convinced they are voting out Caleb. The guys tell him it's Ciera and Brad says he's in.

And that's it for strategy? There's a lot of time left. That means we're in for a crazy Tribal Council. As we see the tribe members grab their torches, Brad interviews that he thought about getting rid of Caleb, but he wants a stronger tribe so that means getting rid of Ciera, even if it means taking heat from Laura M at the Redemption Island truel.

Tribal Council. Once everyone is seated, Probst asks Brad if this is going how he imagined and Brad says it's obviously not, but he notes that they lost two challenges with puzzles, when they had a lead going into the puzzle and the common denominator is Ciera. Probst basically says to Ciera, "Do you realize that you're worthless and your tribe should get rid of you?" He would never say that to a dude. Never. Anyway, Ciera handles it well by joking that maybe she's not as good at puzzles as she thought, but she's not going to give up on the game; instead she's going to figure out how she can benefit her tribe in other ways.

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