One Armed Dude and Three Moms

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Caleb's Big Move

So they all vote again. Hayden does not know what to do. He starts to write Ciera's name, then crosses it out, then writes some more, then crosses it out and then stands there, unsure. Finally everyone has voted and Probst is ready to read the votes. This time, Brad has four votes, so he's out. Vytas changed his vote to Brad. Thank God for Vytas.

As Brad leaves, he tells Caleb like a million times, "I'm not mad at you." I don't think Caleb was all that worried about you being mad at him. Brad promises everyone that he will try to get back in. I don't think they want that, either. Although I would guess that the guys would rather have Brad back than John.

Over the credits, we see Brad arrive at Redemption Island with Candice and John. He says that he's waving the white flag, but they are half asleep and also hate Brad, so this should be interesting.

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