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The Charm of Vytas
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Once Galang returns from their first tribal council, Laura B. is happy to still be there, and thinks Rupert would be proud of her. Tina says that she feels like an octopus who lost a leg. What does that even mean? I'm guessing she couldn't think of anything else that had eight parts. Aras admits that he looked at Laura when she was leaving and got a "You're a jerk" look back. Tina asks, "Why'd you look at her?" Tina knows how to fly under the radar, y'all. She knows about plausible deniability. They all wonder if Laura M. will try to get them back at the truel. Aras interviews that he seems to be the ringleader of Laura M's ouster, and it's not a position he wants, but he's not sure how to get out. Stop coming up with blindside ideas and the urging others to follow you? Make people think they came up with the ideas themselves?

The next morning, Tyson and Gervase discuss what to do about Aras. Tyson takes the lead and says that right now he likes Aras, but if they lose the next challenge, that might be their last chance to get rid of Aras before the merge. And Tyson is worried that if Aras and Vytas are reunited, they will identify Tyson as a threat and get rid of him. Gervase agrees, so while they don't agree right now to take any concrete action, they agree that Aras is dangerous.

Tyson interviews that he likes Aras, other than his Zen beliefs, because Tyson has zero beliefs, except for magic, which is awesome. I dig Tyson's deadpan delivery. He cracks me up. I would love to see Tyson play against Malcolm. I think they play a similar game. In their little confab, Gervase agrees that Aras is leading the tribe right now, and Tyson brings up some great points. Gervase doesn't totally agree to get rid of Aras next, he agrees to think about it. Tyson promises that if Gervase isn't comfortable with it, he will forget about it. It must be so weird for Gervase to play again. Remember on the first season, when people got mad at you for even thinking about having an alliance? Or talking strategy? Anyway, Gervase interviews that he and Tyson are the new power couple. They kind of are, from what we've seen.

Redemption Island Truel. Ciera finds out that her mom was voted out, but Laura M. won't even hear talk of them switching places, because she's confident in her ability to win against Brad and John. Probst explains how this challenge will go; they have to walk across a beam, untying bags of tiles along the way. Once all of the bags are retrieved, they have to put the tiles in order from 1 to 100. I know it's a fairly easy puzzle, but it's still difficult to do under pressure. Those tiles are small and when you're freaking out and your hands are shaking, it can be rough.

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