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Probst asks Sydney what she can bring to Jalapeño in the event of a merge. Sydney cleverly plays up the fact that she hasn't been to Exile "with a bunch of people from the other tribe," so her tribe can know that she is loyal to them. She just took Taj's strength and tried her best to make it look like a weakness. Nice. Probst tells Joe that Tempura has options going into this merge and Jalapeño does not. That's not a question, but Joe answers that he thinks that makes it especially important that the four people on Jalapeño who go into the merge are loyal to each other and trustworthy. While Joe is ready to vote, J.T. says he's had questions going through his mind all afternoon and still does. He points out that he was the one who lost the challenge today, but someone else is going home. If he thinks that's so unfair, though, he can always tell the tribe to vote for him. But he didn't. With that, it's time to vote.

Joe votes for Taj, claiming it is "not an easy decision." Except that it was, so whatever. Taj votes for Sydney. Stephen and J.T. had better not be weasels and vote Taj out to steal her idol. I would be so pissed. Although if the situation was exactly the same but Douche was the one who got voted out, I'd be beyond happy. Am I a hypocrite? While Probst tallies the votes, Sydney and Joe lean on each other. Try not to make things too obvious there, guys. Also, editors, please refrain from putting them both on my screen at the same time, as it means there is less room for scenery, which I always focus on instead because if I stare too long at Joe or Sydney I tend to fall asleep.

Probst returns and asks if anyone wants to play his immunity idol. Both Joe and Taj stay seated. First vote is for Sydney. Second vote is for Taj. Third vote is for Taj, but I'm not too worried yet because surely if all the remaining votes were for Taj they wouldn't have blown their suspense load by reading the Sydney vote first. Right? RIGHT??

Right. The next vote is for Sydney. If J.T. and Stephen voted for the same person, she's out. With two votes each for Sydney and Taj, Probst reads the final vote. It's for Sydney! Strategy beats model looks! Joe and his enormous boring forehead are not amused. J.T. isn't either, but that might be because I think Sydney is leaving with his boxer shorts. As Sydney walks away, Stephen puts his hand on Taj's shoulder. For all the scheming he seemed to do this episode, I think he had her back the whole time.

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