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Idol hands

Speaking of Erinn, let's see what Exile is like for two people who have never been there before. Joe turns on the "charm" by offering to let Erinn pick between the two urns. He immediately and obviously regrets that decision when she picks the urn with the message in it. Erinn and her ass blur head off to read the clue alone. She interviews that the clue basically told her where the idol is, and it's not on Exile. If there's an idol at her camp, she cleverly deduces, there's one at Joe's camp, too. Now she just has to figure out if she can trust Joe enough to tell him about it. Since she has no alliances out here yet, she's thinking it might be a good idea to start making some friends. I want to know what happened to the offer to switch tribes? Is that not happening anymore? Lame. Joe and Erinn talk about their tribes. While Erinn plays coy when asked who her favorite person back at Tempura is (because the answer is "no one"), Joe says his favorite person is J.T. Now that he's charmed Erinn some more, he very subtlely asks if she needs any help figuring out her idol clues. "Maybe we can work on them together or somethin'," he says. How can Erinn resist. Joe interviews that he doesn't know where the idol is and he's pretty sure that Erinn does, so he's hoping to somehow get the information from her. Finally, he says something about how there must be an idol at Exile somewhere, and Erinn says "there's more than one." Joe immediately says she'll just get both of them, then. He is so charming. "They're not here," Erinn says. Clever Joe figures out that the idols must be at their camps. Since, you know, they can't really be anywhere else unless the producers have decided to see what happens when the idols are hidden at Tribal Council or in the middle of challenge playing fields. Erinn shares the clues with Joe, the latest one being "lift up treemail's skirt and look up its asshole." The actual clue used different words, but it's the same meaning. Joe expresses his gratitude to Erinn with a very charming one-arm hug that she totally tries to get away from. Joe interviews that he and Erinn can have a "humongous alliance" if they both get an idol. Has it not occurred to him that everyone else who's been to Exile has not only gotten the idol already, but has also figured out the cross-tribe alliance angle?

Over at JalapeƱo, Stephen and Taj figure out that Joe will know exactly where to find the idol when he returns from Exile, so either he'll find nothing and know that Taj or Stephen already have it, or he'll find a fake idol and think it's real. Stephen says he has some fake idol-making supplies stored up, such as "some feathers" and "some leather straps." So it's either make a fake idol or look awesome at the upcoming Carnival. Taj interviews what we just saw her and Stephen talk about, and then goes to the shelter to take the real idol from Stephen's pants pocket to use as a guide for the fake one. Stephen, of course, does not look pleased that he's lost possession of his precious idol.

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