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Idol hands

Taj uses all kinds of beads and string and feathers to create her fake idol (it looks okay, but after seeing what Bob could do last season, I just can't be impressed). She hides it in the treemail's asshole while talking to herself (which I'm sure is not for the benefit of the cameras at all) that she has to go hide the real idol now. She stuffs it in a burlap bag in the shelter. She walks away, and J.T. and Stephen walk up looking for fishing supplies. Meanwhile, Sydney is sleeping in the hammock, oblivious and boring. J.T. immediately finds the idol while looking for fishing supplies. Like, within seconds of Taj putting it there, he found it. Taj could not have done a worse job of hiding that thing if she'd worn it as a freaking necklace. J.T. tells Stephen what he found, and now Stephen has to think quickly. "I know, it's right there!" he says. He tells J.T. that Taj only just showed it to him. J.T. wonders if Taj just found it. Stephen says he thinks so, and J.T. decides that the fact that Taj told Stephen quickly is a good thing and he can still trust her. So now J.T. thinks he's in a three-way alliance with Taj and Stephen and they've got an immunity idol, too.

Later on, Stephen gets a chance to talk to Taj. He tells her that they should tell J.T. about the idol now that he already knows about it. This seems silly until Stephen explains that if J.T. doesn't know that Taj knows that he saw the idol and she tells him about it, he'll think she meant to tell him about it all along and wasn't trying to hide it from him. Sure enough, as soon as Taj and J.T. are alone in the shelter, Taj shows J.T. the idol. He immediately says he already saw it, and Taj is all like, "did you? But how?" as if she'd made the slightest bit of effort in hiding it. J.T. admires the idol for a while. Taj says it isn't just her idol -- if J.T. or Stephen need it, it's theirs to use. Completely fooled, J.T. thinks Taj was planning on showing him the idol all along and he hopes she'll keep her promise to give it to him if he needs it. Stephen walks in as J.T. is suggesting that they hide the idol somewhere. He suggests putting it in his dress pants pocket as if that hasn't been where it's been for almost the entire game. The three agree to be loyal to each other until the end of the game, because those alliances always work out. J.T. walks away from that thinking he's got a tight alliance and that Taj was honest with him almost the entire time and Stephen's been honest with him from the start. Well played, Stephen.

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