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The Fall of Man
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After Tribal Council, Alicia comforts Kat and tells her not to cry. Chelsea interviews that all eyes are on Kat now and they're questioning their alliance, but she thinks they just need something positive to give their tribe a glimmer of hope and things will turn around. As Chelsea and Kim sit by the campfire, Colton and Jonas come over and offer to let the women sleep in the men's shelter because there's a huge storm rolling in. That was really nice of the men. Of course, the women don't want to admit that their shelter sucks and probably don't want to feel beholden to the men, so they refuse nicely. I think I would take them up on the offer, especially if the whole tribe went over. I mean, maybe you would overhear something useful and at least you'd be warm. At this point, what do the women have to lose? They don't have anything to offer the men in return (except a pole dance I guess, and I think that was mostly a joke). Anyway, Chelsea and Kim leave the door open and say that they might get desperate, but everyone else agrees that they should probably tough it out.

And then a huge storm blows in; it's cold and their shelter is providing pretty much zero shelter. The women are wet and freezing and they don't have a tarp like the men do. They all huddle together and complain about how cold they are. Wow, you mean people are actually being exposed to the elements on this show and suffering as a result? It's been a bunch of seasons since that happened.

The next morning, Chelsea explains that they didn't get any sleep last night and to top it off, the rain put their fire out so they can't have breakfast. Aren't there like coconuts and stuff to eat? And bananas? Then again, they did put Kat and Alicia in charge of food, so there probably isn't any. Chelsea spots some of the men walking by and calls out to them. Troy walks over and they tell him that they got soaked and have no fire and ask if he does. Troy says that they should all go over and dry out by the men's fire. He doesn't check with anyone before making this offer, but he does pause for a second like he knows it might not go over well with everyone.

As we see the women scamper over to the fire, Kim interviews that she's glad they stuck it out all night together but she had no shame in drying out at the men's fire in the morning. The women dry off their bodies and clothes, and Sabrina shows off the pruning of her fingers. Kim interviews that she hopes this pit stop is temporary, as she obviously doesn't want to be beholden to the men. Matt interviews that he was out crabbing and when he returned, the women were in their shelter. Matt understands that some of the guys felt bad for them, but Matt does NOT! He does NOT feel bad! And he is in charge of... less than half of his tribe, so he really has no power. This will be important later.

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