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The Fall of Man

Reward Challenge. It's still raining. Probst explains that they will square off one-on-one against someone from the opposite tribe in a memory game. Probst will reveal a tableau of items (skulls, bottle, shells, etc.) and when the tribe member has it memorized, he or she pulls a lever, which drops a curtain that blocks the tableau from view, then races back to a table and tries to recreate the tableau exactly. If the tribe member is successful, that tribe gets a point and the first tribe to five points wins a fishing kit, including spears, a mask and fins, as well as a canoe with paddles. The men decide to sit out Tarzan and Leif, which seems weird. Wouldn't you want to sit Tarzan out during a more physical challenge? Maybe he's got a bad memory. Or maybe they're just doing a rotation. I don't know.

The first two up are Sabrina and Matt. Probst explains that when one of them decides he or she has had enough time looking, the curtain drops for both of them. Probst raises the curtain and they look for about three to five seconds. Matt's tableau is wrong, but Sabrina's is right and the women score the first point.

Colton and Monica are up next. They spend even less time looking. Colton's tableau is wrong and Monica's is right, so the women get another point. Alicia and Jay are the third pair. Alicia pulls the lever quickly and gets it right, while Jay just looks confused. Alicia earns the third point.

Kat and Troy are the fourth pair and the tableau is bumped up from six to eight items. Troy doesn't even really look at the tableau before hitting the lever. I don't get that strategy at all. Troy gets it wrong and so does Kat. They keep having to go back and look and there's a hilarious montage of Probst going, "He is wrong! She is wrong! Nope! Again!" Finally, Kat gets it right on the seventh try and the women lead four to nothing.

So it's Christina versus Bill for all the marbles. Bill is super hyper and bouncing around. The men seem to have a strategy of running back to start setting up their guess and making the women be the ones to pull the lever. That might actually make sense if the men ever got the tableau right, but they don't. And that includes this time, so Christina gets a point and the women win reward. Aw, good for them. I don't know how interested I was in watching the women just be miserable. Probst reminds them that their canoe will be waiting at camp and they don't have to share it. Probst's lesson of the day to the men: "The women now know they can beat you at something." I get the gist but I'd like to think the women knew they could win SOMETHING before this. Oh, Probst. You never fail to be condescending.

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