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The Fall of Man

So Bill has four pieces in the puzzle -- which is a tree with multicolored leaves -- as Sabrina starts. The rest of the men are helping Bill out, but the women seem to be doing more in terms of helping, especially Chelsea and Monica. They are totally looking at Bill's puzzle and using it to tell Sabrina what to do. The women tie it up and then it's neck and neck. They are both down to their last piece and the women are whispering to Sabrina what she should do so that the other tribe won't hear. Sabrina gets the last piece in the puzzle, so the women win immunity! Yay! While watching this live, I seriously didn't breathe until the challenge was over. I didn't know I was rooting for the women so hard until that moment. Matt interviews that he can't believe they lost, but now he's looking forward to using some of the power he's gained thus far. Well, I look forward to exactly that happening, Matt!

Back at camp, the women are elated. Chelsea interviews that she was worried because it was a communication-type challenge, but they did it, and while the men were really confident going in, now they are "running around with chickens with their heads cut off, not knowing what to do." I am confident that Chelsea has seen real chickens with their heads really cut off, given her chicken-catching ability.

As the men return to camp, they all tell Bill that the loss wasn't his fault. He says that he lost his voice in the challenge, but he's still talking and his voice isn't even hoarse. I don't think he understand what losing your voice means. Colton interviews that he's psyched to get rid of someone since he dislikes so many of his tribemates and he blames Bill for blowing their huge lead. I would agree, except that they were allowed to help Bill out, so it was kind of a communal loss. If Bill were doing the puzzle all by himself, then yes, it was all his fault. But he wasn't, so it wasn't. Colton further complains that Bill is always saying "Brah" which would be really annoying, but unlike Colton I don't think it means that Bill should "go kill himself." Colton claims that Bill is digging his own grave with his behavior, but then Colton does a pretty good job of digging his own grave by calling Bill "ghetto trash." There's really no way to explain that without the explanation being, "Colton is racist." Even if Bill spoke in a stereotypically ghetto way, it's not okay. But Bill talks like a stoner surfer. So Colton is an idiot AND a racist. He's not a good person, you guys.

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