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The Fall of Man

The men report to Tribal Council and light their torches. Probst asks Mike about the alliances in the tribe and Mike says that he clicked with Matt right off, but he knows there are a lot of different alliances within the tribe. Not really. There are two. Well, I guess there could be sub-alliances that we don't know about yet. Tarzan just lays it out and says that they have an alliance of five and he trusts them. Colton adds that he's not uncomfortable because he's not going home since he has an Idol. They try to make it out like Matt is just hearing this, but if you watch the extra scenes on the website, Matt already knew and so did Mike. Colton claims that he's going to play his Idol. Well, of course he claims that. Probst asks Mike if they plan to vote for Colton anyway and Mike says that Colton is dangerous because he's so tight with the women. I'm not sure if he meant to do this, but it's smart for Mike to try to plant seeds of doubt in the alliance of five's minds. Make them think that Colton is going to throw them over for the women at the merge and maybe they'll oust him pre-merge. I don't know if Mike is that smart, though.

Probst asks Colton if he's been spending a lot of time with the women and Colton says, "Duh." Probst points out what all of us were thinking last week: Colton doesn't compete with the women and, in fact, has to compete against them so it's "reverse duh double dare" on Colton. What? Is Probst high? He is spouting gibberish. Someone check him for signs of a stroke. Colton says he likes the women because they're nurturing, and Probst points out that Colton is putting a target on his back. Bill says that Colton thinks they all judged him, but really he judged all of them. Probst clarifies that they're talking about Colton being gay and Bill says yes. Bill is a fool, but he's right that Colton judged all of them immediately.

Tarzan says that Colton is "highly intelligent" [cough] and strategic, but they need him for the first few weeks. Nothing like telegraphing that you're hoping to ditch him when you don't need him anymore. I can't figure out if Tarzan is nutty or just being completely honest and transparent so no one can accuse him of lying or subterfuge. It will be kind of interesting to see this play out. Matt asks who Tarzan is talking about when he says "we need him" and Tarzan doesn't really answer. Matt says that Tarzan has an alliance and is being vague about it. Tarzan once again doesn't really answer. Probst asks Matt if he's having fun or not and Matt says that Tarzan's a goof and he only likes to talk to people that take him seriously. Good luck with that one. Probst asks how tonight's vote will change the game for Matt and he says that they all get a chance to set the ball in motion. I don't even know what he's talking about.

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