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The Fall of Man

Probst asks Bill how concerned he is that tonight's vote won't go the way he wants to. Bill is super hyper again and psyched and says the word "intense" a lot, while Colton shakes his head and rolls his eyes. Bill would be tough to take. Probst just pauses once Bill finally stops talking and says, "Time to vote." Heh.

When Matt gets up to vote, he puts his hand on Jonas's shoulder and Jonas looks annoyed and stares at his shoulder like, "Did he just touch me? Why?" Once Probst returns with the vote, he asks if anyone wants to play an Idol. Colton does not play his Idol. Shocker. He knows he's safe. The first vote is for Colton, then Bill, then Matt. The rest of the votes that Probst reads are all for Matt, so he goes home.

After Matt leaves, Probst says the first vote was the first blindside. I don't know -- I think Matt knew he was in jeopardy and that's why he was so angry. Tarzan asks Jeff if they can see the final votes cast that weren't read, and Probst just goes, "No." Heh. Can't hurt to ask, I guess. Colton snarks, "Save those questions for me." God, I hope they are setting that asshole up for a fall. Anyway, the curious final vote featured Matt voting for Colton, Mike voting for Bill, and everyone else voting for Matt. Hmm. What was Mike's play there? Did they pretend to take him into the alliance but not tell him they were voting for Matt? Did he know Matt was going but didn't want to vote for him? Why didn't he vote for Colton? Is he trying to curry favor with Colton? I'm interested to see how this plays out; hope they explain it next week.

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