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Bold and the Beautiful
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The Favorites return to their camp after getting rid of Brandon Hantz via a forfeited challenge and an impromptu Tribal Council. Most of them are talking about how the Fans just got a big shot of adrenalin because they learned that all was not kosher in the Favorites tribe, so now they'll have a boost of confidence. Phillip and Corinne, however, are concerned about how mean Brandon was to them personally. Corinne points out how stupid it was for Brandon to screw over the whole tribe when he only hates a few of them. I get the vibe that no one wants to talk to Corinne; she's one of those people who makes her point and you're like, "Yeah, I get it, I agree" and then she has to say it like five more times until, even though you agree with her, you just want her to shut up.

Phillip goes on and on about how he never had a fight with Brandon and their rivalry was all in Brandon's head. Well, maybe he never initiated a fight with Brandon, but he and Brandon definitely had words and Phillip certainly didn't walk away every time or try to make peace every time. Phillip interviews that Brandon needs professional help. Corinne says that Brandon is crazy like Mel Gibson. Dawn apologizes to Corinne and Phillip that they got called out, and Phillip says he wished someone had stood up for them when Brandon was calling them out. Corinne interviews the same thing. I thought they had pretty much agreed that they wouldn't engage Brandon while voting him out. What good would standing up for Phillip or Corinne have done? It would have legitimized his craziness, frankly, and antagonized him more. What do they care if the other tribe thinks they're weak? Good!

Anyway, Phillip concludes that they're now a better tribe and one of them will win this. They all agree that it feels good that Brandon is gone. Cochran interviews that now Phillip is the only crazy one left, but he says it in his typical overly mannered Cochran way. Phillip tells everyone that the other tribe is worn out. And then Phillip interviews that now that Brandon's gone, he's going full bore after Corinne. So we'll see how that goes.

The next day, the Fans get tree mail. It says something about how the winners will have fun and celebrate together. Michael snarks that the losers will be sad and return to their wet camp. Reynold interviews that he and Eddie have given up on making any social alliances so they are just going to try to win challenges and eat rice and wait for the game to shift. I bet that's not a prophetic statement; probably the status quo will remain for this entire episode, right? Anyway, they grab their tribe flag and head off to the challenge.

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